Danger on the Road (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Used to be selectable at Character Startup
Description: You must fight for your life to survive a brutal attack by a band of desperate highwaymen...
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 35-37, or the use of Illusion, Gating, Telekinesis or Fortification.

Note: This quest is no longer available. There was a possibility to affect your alignment.

General InformationEdit

This is one of the Startup Scenarios


You see a group of armed men attacking an old couple. If you ignore the encounter or flee at any time, then your alignment becomes more wicked.

You can:

  • Announce your presence by shouting to the bandits... Fight with the highwaymen (next section)
  • Rush forward and attack the armed men... Same fight.
  • Take aim at the man with the raised sword... (Archery, and a bow required) - Archery Skill check -8. 16 Archery XP if you succeed, and you skip the fight.
  • Use Illusion (no level required): 16 XP to Illusion, you skip the fight.
  • Use Gating (no level required): An easy fight with The Leader (9+ at MR 19-20 Approx, 35 SP), subduing is an option.
  • Use Telekinesis (no level required): 16 XP to Telekinesis, you skip the fight.
  • Use Fortification (no level required): 16 XP to Fortification, you skip the fight.
  • Do nothing and continue on your way... Your alignment becomes more wicked.

If you fail in the use of any power, events proceed as if you had chosen to attack the men.

The fight

If you choose to attack the men, you will have to first defeat (kill/subdue, only narrative difference) 4 Highwaymen (9+ at MR 30 Exact, 34 SP). Then, the leader of the group will fire an arrow that you can either defend with Telekinesis or Fortification for 8 XP or dodge +2 Agility Stat check. lose 4-8 SP if you don't pass, before rushing in to attack you (Kill or subdue) Bandit Leader (9+ at MR 36-37 Approx, 35 SP).

Rewards from the bandit fight
Final Rewards

After dealing with the highwaymen either with a direct attack or through the use of a power, you discover that the people you saved have fled but left something behind: Item:450 Unidentified Amulet, which identifies as

 Item 451: Dragonscale Amulet (Common) Value: 2,500 gold Armour, Neck 

Encumbrance: 1
Aura: +1
Spirit: +2
This piece of common armour will protect your neck.

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