Daidrur's Mark (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Ironmark Spur
Description: Test your mettle against Daidrur's elementals
Requirements: none
Difficulty: starts at 9+ at MR 75 and goes up (but can be completed in stages, as you're ready)
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: the GM adds new levels to Daidrur's Mark from time to time, so it's a good idea to check back occasionally

General Information Edit

Daidrur the Elementalist was once a famous Mage and Daidrur's Mark was the primary means that adventurers of renown tested and rated their combat abilities. He now lives in isolation in the village of Ironmark Spur in Southfoot, Southwest Tysa.

Daidrur's Mark Edit

The Mark itself is a small magical symbol depicting each of the four elements. You earn the Mark by defeating Daidrur's elemental creations. The Mark is added to your Items list under Armour:Pendants with the following description:

 Item 1276: Daidrur's Mark (Common) Armour, Pendant 

Encumbrance: 0
This crude, square wooden pendant is Daidrur's Mark. Despite its rather insignificant appearance, this pendant bears the Mark of the master elementalist, Daidrur. Over the last century, some of the greatest adventurers from across the realms have tested their mettle and earned themselves this illustrious symbol of their combat prowess.

The number xx has been emblazoned on the rough surface of the pendant, signifying the level you have ascended to on Daidrur's Mark.

Rules for Daidrur's Mark Edit

  • The value can be from 1 to 35.
  • The value you see when you look at the Mark of other adventurer is your own.
  • For each of his elemental minions you defeat in combat (you need a magical weapon to harm them with melee), you earn a new level of Daidrur's Mark.
  • You may gain up to three levels in one real-world day.

You receive two Experience bonuses for every new level you achieve on Daidrur's Mark. The first will be a General Experience bonus (128 XP), and the second will be a bonus for all of your character's skills and powers (64 XP). You may receive your bonuses at any time. When you receive your bonus, it will include any of the Experience rewards you may have missed up to that point. Since the rewards to All Skills and Powers are more valuable once you have all or almost all of them, maybe you'll want to avoid retrieving your prize until then.

Elementals Edit

Warning: Be careful when you explore Ironmark Spur at the beginning of your adventures. You will encounter a Massive Earth Elemental. You have the following options:

  • flee - recommended only if you're too weak, or don't have the following Powers or Skill.
  • Use Archery(40+)/Elementalism(40)/Illusion(40+) - you will get 4 XP to the power or skill used, and avoid a fight with the elemental, OR
  • Hold your ground and fight: Massive Earth Elemental (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 150 SP, 33-34 XP), can't FLEE

The elementals summoned by Daidrur start being 9+ to hit at MR 50. Each level they have a +5 cumulative bonus to MR until 9+ at MR 205 in the final battle to level 32. Since very few characters in the game have those huge amounts of MR, the best advice is to maximize SP and NvR and use magic instead. They have magic resistance too, so you should use unresistable powers. And as mentioned earlier they are immune to normal weapons or Unarmed combat (unless you have an item such as one of Wyxryn's Rings).

The maximum available level is 35, but likely more will be added in the future.

Level Name 9+ at MR SP
1 Howling Air Elemental 50 50
2 Crumbling Earth Elemental 55 65
3 Fire Warrior 60 80
4 Raging Air Elemental 65 95
5 Enraged Earth Elemental 70 110
6 Raging Inferno 75 125
7 Raging Gale 80 140
8 Massive Mud Golem 85 155
9 Fire Sphere 90 170
10 Wind Terror 95 180
11 Hulking Stone Golem 100 190
12 Flaming Fist 105 200
13 Deadly Wave 110 210
14 Copper Golem 115 220
15 Bronze Golem 120 230
16 Silver Golem 125 240
17 Jade Golem 130 250
18 Slayer Vine 135 260
Level Name 9+ at MR SP
19 Minor Stone Lord 140 270
20 Rusted Iron Hulk 145 280
21 Fire Golem 150 290
22 Wind of Blades 155 300
23 Lightening Sphere 160 310
24 Towering Earth Lord 165 320
25 Stone Behemoth 170 340
26 Iron Giant 175 360
27 Magma Golem 180 380
28 Charred Wood Golem 185 400
29 Winged Sky Lord 190 425
30 Lord of the Deep 195 450
31 Molten Stone Lord 200 475
32 Abyssal Gale 205 500
33 Warbeast of Fire 210 525
34 Warbeast of Ice 215 535
35 Warbeast of Earth 220 545

Apparently, SP in the first levels go up by steps of 15, then steps of 10. After that, increments of 20 and 25 SP are seen. However, starting with round 33 the SP increments are again 10 per level (see talk).

History Edit

  • Originally there were only 30 levels, but at some point two more were added bringing the total to 32.
  • On 4/22/2012 three more levels were discovered bringing the total to 35. This was a very recent development, as forum members reported checking Daidrur's recently prior to this discovery with no new levels.

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