Cave of Four Spirits (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The Withered Hills in Western Tysa.
Description: You hear about a medallion in a remote cave, guarded by four fearsome ghosts...
Requirements: The Shattered Skull - Part V - The Ghosts of Palemoor Isle, and speaking with a mysterious NPC about a certain item.
Difficulty: Recommended MR 110+

Note: This quest need several days to complete.

General InformationEdit

This is one of the quests to complete Tzal-Toalth


You don't need to beat all four ghosts on a single run.



Once at the Withered Hills, explore the area and you will find the cave.

To reach the cave, you must pass a Random check (1-100 + Woodsmanship * 0.5 + Agility * 1 + Body * 0.5 + Spirit * 0.5). 88 is a win. You reach the cave unharmed if you pass. You take moderate SP damage and must attempt again if you don't pass.

Despite what the Guildmaster told you, you don't need to have Tzal-Toalth equipped when you enter the cave, nor when you fight the spirits. You must, however, at least have the staff in your Inventory, or else you will be unable to enter the cave.

Once you reach the cave, you must battle the guardian spirits here. All the spirits have high SP, so if you plan to fight them with magic, you should have high (60+) levels and a large (35+) Nevernal Reserve. You can, however, leave the cave at any moment to rest and return later to resume your fights (that includes fleeing, but your enemy will restore its lost SP). Once you defeat one of the spirits, it stays defeated.

  • The first spirit is the Ghost of The Handless Rogue (9+ at MR 95 Exact, 347-365 SP, 17-28 XP), you have to attack 1 time before you can flee
  • The second one is none other than the ghost of the Master Necromancer of Palemoor Isle: Ghost of The Necromancer (9+ at MR 105 Exact, 490-501 SP, 33-38 XP), you have to attack 1 time before you can flee.
  • The third one is a chain-clad knight, the ghost of the Humbled Warrior (9+ at MR 115 Exact, 700-712 SP, 70 XP), you have to attack 1 time before you can flee.
  • The fourth and final spirit is that of an elderly mage, the Ghost of Lord Delgroth (9+ at MR 125 Exact, 900-905 SP, 136 XP), you have to attack 1 time before you can flee.
  • After you defeat all of the spirits you'll get one of the gems for Tzal-Toalth, along with 64 general XP.
  • No matter if you have completed the staff or not, you must exit the cave, which will be empty for now.
  • Go back to the Guildmaster and speak to him again about "Tzal-Toalth". He will congratulate you and you will receive 1024 XP.
  • After you complete the staff (see A Square Opaque Black Gem if you haven't done it yet) AND talk with the Guildmaster, you must go again to the cave. An egg will have appeared. You cannot pick up the egg.
  • You must then return to the cave to check on the egg regularly to see it grow. This quest will appear as an event for the Withered Hills on your adventure log each day; after you visit the egg, it will disappear off the log and appear again the next day. The egg will grow over several days before hatching. The text for the egg will change as it grows (to three times your size).
  • You can USE Tzal-Toalth on it as many times as you want (although it's unnecessary). The effect, if any, is unknown. The egg grows the same way if you don't use the staff on it.
  • After the egg has hatched, the creature inside the egg will have disappeared and you will be given the word "Thulwy". Visit the Guildmaster in the Adventurer's Collective and converse with him about "Thulwy". This location will appear in Western Tysa, under Trithik Nearby Locations. Go there for
 Ghor-Tiln (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Thulwy in Western Tysa
Description: A dark and dangerous rendezvous at the last Praying Sentinel...
Requirements: Quest:Cave of Four Spirits
Difficulty: A battle at 9+ at MR 175, 1200 SP OR 4 battles at 9+ at MR 125, 300 SP.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: A short, hard but rewarding quest.


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