A Dilemma in Kirnwell (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Tasks from Thane Pyrond, accessed within Trynd Keep in Trithik
Description: You accepted a mission from Thane Pyrond to investigate an urgent plea for help from the village of Kirnwell. Upon arrival, you found the village to be plagued by monstrous yellow slimes coming from a recently unearthed cave in the nearby forest.
Requirements: Completed A Poaching in Northscarp
Difficulty: Most difficult required battle 9+ at MR 55, with random encounter up to 9+ at MR 60.

Note: Can affect your alignment. Listed in Completed Adventures as The Dilemma in Kirnwell.

General NotesEdit

This is one of the Missions for the Thane.



  • Be sure to report to Thane Pyrond before investigating the cave.
  • You can return to the village to rest and save anytime before defeating the boss.

Walkthrough Edit

  • At the start of the quest, you will battle Yellow Slime (9+ at MR 44 Exact, 100 SP), up to 16 SP special, you have to attack 2 times before you can flee. If you do nothing, the men will cope on their own.
  • You'll meet Rector Pellbrin, the spiritual and political leader of Kirnwell. He explains about the sudden attack of the large yellow slimes
  • 2 Kepbekk Elixirs if you report to Thane Pyrond before investigating cave.
  • You are then given the option to go down to the cave or return to the village. Return to the village lets you access Kirnwell as a SAFE location. This town is only available within the quest.
  • Now there's a dungeon (see below): in short, destroy the 3 Orbs of White Flame before going to the final encounter.
  • After you defeat the demon Kar-Gragguth you must exit the cave and will encounter again the man with the red tattoos. If you attack him he disappears (again) and you return with your mission accomplished. If you try to flee you'll face a Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 1 + Woodsmanship * 1). 100 or more needed to pass. No harm if you pass
Completion rewards

1,024 General XP

The town of Kirnwell (SAFE location)Edit

  • Rector Pellbrin: nothing to do
  • Grobson's Tavern: Buy an ale (1 gold - He will not charge you if you listen to his information, and it's a quite interesting one)
  • Wander about the village: nothing happens.
  • Return to the cave...

The first time you return to the cave from the town, you will encounter: 2 Club-Wielding Roughs (9+ at MR 45-47 Approx, 55 SP) and 2 Sword-Wielding Roughs (9+ at MR 45-50 Variable, ~65 SP, 9+ XP). For this battle you'll get 2 Short Swords, and Axe and a sturdy Axe, plus a little gold (16-24 gold pieces)

Map of the Cave Edit

Map A Dilemma in Kirnwell new

Marked Locations in the CaveEdit

  1. Man with a magical attack: If you try to attack him before he can unleash his attack, you get a Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 1). 80 is a win. He disappears and you're forced North, but he ceases to block the way if you pass. You lose ~10 SP and are forced to retreat north if you don't pass.
  2. Orb of White Flame (9+ at MR 35-37 Approx, 150 SP, 17+ XP), 4-10 SP special, you have to attack 2 times before you can flee. Before attacking it, you can use Arcana (20+) on it, but you will get no XP for using it.
  3. Large Yellow Slime drops from the ceiling. Before fighting it (Large Yellow Slime (9+ at MR 45-46 Approx, 75 SP, 5+ XP), up to 15 SP special, you have to attack 2 times before you can flee) you can:
    • Use Fortification (1+) for 8 XP
    • Attempt to dive clear: Random check (1-100 + Agility * 2 + Luck * 1). 75 is a win. 63 is a fail is a fail. Lose ~5 SP if you don't pass
  4. Boss Location
    • If you try to go to this location before destroying the orbs: Extremely Difficult (+4) Body Stat check. you lose ~12 SP if you pass - you can go no further until you destroy the orbs.
    • After destroying the orbs: You meet the demon Kar-Gragguth, servant of Ulzirral. 3 Consecutive Battles:
      • 1st: Yellow Slime (9+ at MR ??-44 Approx, 100 SP, 1+ combat XP)
      • 2nd: Yellow Slime (9+ at MR 45-47 Approx, 125 SP, 1+ combat XP)
      • 3rd: Yellow Slime (9+ at MR 48-49 Approx, 150 SP, 1+ combat XP)
    • Followed by a Random check (1-100 + Body * 1 + Spirit * 1). 75 or more needed to pass. Fight another slime if you don't pass
    • Avoid his rocks:
      • 16 xp to Telekinesis (30+)/Fortification (30+)/Destruction (30+). (If successful, 16 XP general.)
      • Attempt to dive clear: Moderately Difficult (+2) Agility Stat check. No harm if you pass. Lose ~10 SP if you don't pass
    • Defeat Kar-Gragguth (9+ at MR 55 Exact, 125 SP, 65+ combat XP), immune to mundane weapons, has an SP draining attack
      • If you flee, when you return to battle him, you will have to avoid his rocks again.
      • Rewards:
        • Item:723 The Wither Blade and Item:724 Dragontooth Medallion
        • Random weapon drops
        • 2 chests of random gold: Observed values of ~36-177 gold and ~118-161 gold.
        • You suddenly feel a bit more virtuous...
        • After defeating him, the event is logged in ongoing adventures as "A Demon is Slain", and you won't find any other enemies on your way out.
Map Legend
[E] Entrance/Exit
[1] Man with a magical attack
[2] Orb of White Flame
[3] Large Yellow Slime
[4] Boss Battle

In short, destroy the 3 Orbs of White Flame before going to the Boss Battle

Text Directions Edit

  • South 1 (man with magical attack, you're pushed North), South 1, East 1, South 1 (Destroy first orb)
  • North 1, West 2, South 3, East 1 (Fight Large Yellow Slime), East 3 (Fight 2nd Large Yellow Slime), East 1 (Destroy second orb)
  • West 1, North 4, East 1 (Fight 3rd Large Yellow Slime), East 1 South 3 (Destroy third orb)
  • North 3, West 2, South 4, West 3, South 2, East 3 (Fight 4th Large Yellow Slime), East 2, North 1 (Defeat boss)

Random EncountersEdit

Before you defeat the boss, you will randomly encounter slimes in the cave. Below are the recorded values on my latest run for reference. The MR/SP values of the slimes will vary from the ones listed below, with the most difficult being 2 Massive Yellow Slimes (up to 9+ at MR 60).

  • Yellow Slime (9+ at MR 40-42 Approx, ~70 SP, 1+ combat XP)
  • 2 Yellow Slimes (9+ at MR 51-52 Approx, 90 SP, 1+ combat XP)
  • Oozing Yellow Slime (9+ at MR ??-47 Approx, 80 SP, 2+ combat XP)
  • 2 Oozing Yellow Slimes (9+ at MR ??-47 Approx, 110 SP, 2+ combat XP)
  • 3 Oozing Yellow Slimes (9+ at MR 1-50 Variable, 135 SP, 4+ combat XP), 2-17 SP special
  • Massive Yellow Slime (9+ at MR 50 Exact, 80-90 SP, 2+ combat XP)
  • 2 Massive Yellow Slimes (9+ at MR 58-61 Variable, 100 SP, =3+ combat XP)

Old Map Edit

Map The Dilemma in Kirnwell

  • Blue - Cave entrance (Leads back to village)
  • Yellow - Orbs
  • Light Green - Level boss

Rewards Edit

  • Two Kepbekk Elixirs if you go back to Pyrond to tell him of the situation.
  • If you defeated the 2 Club Wielding Roughs and 2 Sword Wielding Roughs:
    • ~9 combat xp
    • short sword (common) x 2
    • Axe (sturdy)
    • Axe (common)
  • 8 XP to Fortification for every time you successfully use it to block falling slimes (4 times total).
  • 16 XP to Telekinesis (30+)/Fortification (30+)/Destruction (30+) when Kar-Gragguth throws stones.
  • 66+ combat XP, Become more virtuous after killing Kar-Gragguth
    • Along with random loot and 2 chests of gold (~36-100, ~125-161).
  • 1024 general XP for completion.

The Wither Blade

 Item 723: The Wither Blade (Magical) Value: 18,000 gold Weapon, Slashing 

Encumbrance: 13
PowerEnergy Drain
Melee Rating: +10
Requires 2 hands
Requires 17 Might
Requires 10 Spirit
Requires 10 Body
This massive scimitar was once wielded by the demon Kar-Gragguth, who met his end by your hand. This is a powerful, unpredictable weapon forged ages ago in the shadowy depths of the Neverness. This weapon is of magical quality.

Dragontooth Medallion

 Item 724: Dragontooth Medallion (Common) Value: 5000 gold Armour, Neck 

Encumbrance: 1
Nevernal Reserve: +1
Agility: -1
Might: +2
Aura: +2
Spirit: +2
This ornate medallion once belonged to the demon Kar-Gragguth, who met his end by your hand. The massive dragon's tooth that adorns this silver medallion is too large to have come from any Srythian dragon.

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