This page is for the second set of Proving grounds adventures. If you're looking for the first one, go here.

Locations Edit

You can access this series inside a small windowless building with a blue door, you'll find such buildings in Hawklor, Trithik and Talinus.

Features Edit

There's no autosave (unlike in the first PG series) which means that players can replay the scenarios as many times as they want. Failures are not recorded.

Rewards Edit

This series does not use the old scoring system, which means that ATs will not be the main rewards. Characters will instead progress through destiny arcs, Warrior, mage and Bard; the exact implementation of these rewards is unknown.

Details Edit

Details about each Proving Grounds adventure can be found on its own page. The first adventure in this series is still in progress, future adventures should be put here when they're released.

 Scavenger's Last Hunt (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Accessed inside a windowless building with a blue door in either Hawklor, Trithik or Talinus.
Description: Seeking the final piece of the 'Emblazoned Key' -- the symbol that will unlock the deepest reaches of Rhanknar's 'Mad' -- your quest first leads you to Quillbog, a small settlement snug between the vast and ancient Syrbryn Forest and the perilous Bellsong Slough...
Requirements: All Rhaknar's Mad and Runeskin adventures up to The Chamber of Horrors, A Rattle Down Below and possibly all the adventures in the first PG series as well.
Saga: Rhaknar's Mad
Difficulty: Extremely high. There are many instances of multiple fights in a row without healing breaks, hardest required ones are 9+ at MR 250 and hardest optional one is 18+ at 402 MR.

Note: This is the first adventure in the second proving ground series, and is still in progress

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