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The City of Port Hallik

The bustling city of Port Hallik is the Kingdom's largest and busiest seaport. Ships from across the realms drop anchor here while their cargos are unloaded and their stocks replenished. The city's harbour, a wide, natural cove, offers a relatively safe inlet from the wild waters of the Sundren Sea.

Much of the Tysian navy is located here, and a large garrison of the Kingdom's army is maintained within the ancient, walled port.

This is a SAFE spot, and from here you can choose to Explore the realms at random.

Locations Edit

The Eye of the Sea Edit

The Eye of the Sea is a huge eye-shaped rock overlooking Pork Hallik. Many believe that it possesses mystical powers, and indeed if you kneel before it, it may give you the skill of Seamanship.

 The Silver Crown Informal Adventure

Location: The Eye of the Sea (Port Hallik)
Description: Captain Tybor Greenfen needs someone to help haul an important cargo to Phak-Rur, on his galleon The Silver Crown. The sea contains all manner of dangers from sea trossks to violent storms, but you soon find out those are the least of your worries...
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 40.

Note: This quest is listed as Captain Greenfen in Completed Adventures.

Streets of Port Hallik Edit

Currently there is only one known street: Gull Street, and the only accessible place in it is a tavern called "The Beggar's Arms". Here you may visit Captain Greenfen, order some palo and bread for one gold, or chat to the tavern keeper.

 Exploring Gull Street Informal Adventure

Location: Gull Street in Port Hallik
Description: While exploring Gull Street, you witness a strange sight...
Difficulty: A Body or Agility check. Failing them will kill you.

Note: Not listed in the Adventurers Log.
 Captain Greenfen Informal Adventure

Location: Gull Street (Port Hallik).
Description: While visiting Captain Greenfen, he is accosted by a group of rather unsavory men...
Requirements: Completed The Silver Crown.

Note: This quest is listed as Captain Greenfen in Events.

The Harbour Edit

At the moment the harbour is fairly purposeless: You can choose to pay between 20 and 45 gold to travel to Talinus, but you could Travel there for free.

Brigsol's Hides (AG) Edit

The shop is run by Mayhull Brigsol, and sells various non-metal armour. See Shop List and Item Selling Guide for details.

Port Hallik Trading Post (AG) Edit

This Trading Post is filled with various common items - some weapons and armour, and two miscellaneous items: a Hooded Lantern and an Ornate Seashell (no known use). See Shop List and Item Selling Guide for details.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 An Axe to Grind Formal Adventure?
Location: Port Hallik
Description: A relatively quiet night in the Stormsigh Tavern suddenly erupts...
Requirements: Must have completed Runeskin's Minions.
Saga: Runeskin
Difficulty: 11+ at MR 79, ~200 SP or 9+ at MR 65, ~180 SP

Other Locations Edit

This is an incomplete list of locations known to exist in and around Port Hallik, which you may hear about or visit during quests:

  • Stormsigh Tavern

Nearby LocationsEdit

Deadwater Shoals Edit

Main article: Deadwater Shoals

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