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The city of Phak-Rur

The northernmost city in Tysa is also the kingdom's oldest. The thriving, heavily-fortified seaport was long ago built over the ruins of an ancient city, of which only very little is known.

The seaward face of Phak-Rur, which includes its grand harbour, is partially-shielded from the legendary wrath of the Sundren Sea by a long series of massive stone columns, nearly a mile from the coast, that rise up from the ocean floor and stretch high into the sky.

This location was added on 25th June 2010.


Phak-Rur is a SAFE location, so you can rest and save there.

Currently you are able to do the following:

  • Visit the harbour... (AG)
  • Visit the Hall of Lords... (AG)
  • Visit the merchant district...
  • EXPLORE The City of Phak-Rur... (AG)

Visit the harbour (AG) Edit

The broad, deep cove that serves as Phak-Rur's grand harbour, is nearly a mile in from the open sea. At its mouth, seventeen towering columns of stone rise up from the sea bed and soar into the sky, each reaching an almost impossible height of over six hundred feet. Countless vessels, including several Tysian warships, are anchored here.

After you encounter the pickpocket (EXPLORE the city of Phak-Rur), there is the option of renting a small craft for 20 gold tokens and sailing to the seventh of the The Stone Columns.

Visit the Hall of Lords (AG) Edit

The Hall of Lords is an ancient and grand stone structure overlooking a wide quadrangle in Phak-Rur's eastern district. The lower level of the hall features a gallery containing nearly a hundred sculptures depicting the many prominent personages that have played a role in shaping the city's destiny over the many centuries since the seaport's founding.

 Explore the Ruins Below Phak-Rur Explorable Area

Route: Your journey takes you from Northeast Tysa, through Phak-Rur to The Hall of Lords
Description: The ancient ruins beneath Phak-Rur are as perilous as they are mysterious. Only the very bold should dare to explore the crumbling streets and twisting passages of this long-forgotten domain of shadow...
Base explorations: 20
Bonus explorations:

Thievery: Level/10 (rounded down)

Max explorations: 50
Reset time: 30 minutes
Requirements: Complete The Stone Column
 A Dark Pool of Muck Replayable Scenario
Location: Your journey takes you from Northeast Tysa, through Phak-Rur to The Ruins Below Phak-Rur
Description: You're standing a few yards back from the edge of a wide, dark pool of muck, deep in an unusually-warm section of the ancient, sprawling ruins beneath Phak-Rur.
Reset time: 6 hours
Requirements: Access to The Ruins Below Phak-Rur
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 170, up to 9+ at 220 for one-time content

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: Only the first part of this scenario is replayable, but the second part will remain available until you complete it.
 A Lair of Rot (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The ruins under Phak-Rur
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Visit the merchant district Edit

You can buy or sell weapons and armor here.

Explore the City of Phak-Rur Edit

 Explore Phak-Rur Explorable Area

Route: Your journey takes you from Northeast Tysa directly to Phak-Rur
Description: The fortified seaport of Phak-Rur promises both adventure and peril for those willing to explore its ancient streets...
Base explorations: 40
Bonus explorations:

Diplomacy: Level/10 (rounded down)
Thievery: Level/10 (rounded down)

Max explorations: 50
Reset time: 15 minutes
Requirements: None
Note: The full name of this area is Explore the City of Phak-Rur; AG-only
 The Stone Column (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Phak-Rur
Description: A tip from a pickpocket sends you to one of the massive stone columns in Phak-Rur's harbor.
Requirements: Explore Phak-Rur until you catch the old pickpocket.
Difficulty: Either 9+ or 16+ scaled
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
 The Sea Dragon (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The Seacliffs at Phak-Rur
Description: You see a sea dragon soaring high over Phak-Rur
Difficulty: MR 100 or less, but watch out for those Carnage Crawlers
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: requires 4 AT to complete (but you will get them back)

Adventures for This Location Edit

 The Tunnels of Peril (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Phak-Rur
Description: The old man, well past the prime of his life, turns to face you, revealing broad shoulders and a thick, sturdy frame. A short sword hangs from his belt, and beneath the folds of his bulky brown tunic you can clearly make out an iron-studded leather jerkin.
"I'm called Vark," he says, bowing. "I know well enough who you are and I pray you'll excuse me for coming straight to the point. I need your help to rescue my daughter..."
Requirements: Defeat the One-Eyed Swordsman four times (see Phak-Rur for details)
Difficulty: 3@90 MR, some random encounters are 9@100 MR
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: one check may require high SP


Other Locations Edit

These are locations that you may visit or hear of around Phak-Rur during quests.

  • The Journey's End, a tavern

Nearby LocationsEdit

The Seacliffs (AG) Edit

Main article: The Seacliffs

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