Palo Cellar Replayable Scenario

Location: Your Residence
Description: Barrels of some of the realm's finer grades of palo bark are stacked throughout this sizable cellar. Despite the unlikelihood that the cellar has been infested by the usual sorts of pests that might be attracted to palo bark (or to a nice, quiet, dark place), it doesn't hurt to have a look around once in a while.
Reset time: Once per server day
Requirements: You must have a residence and renovate it before you can purchase this upgrade.

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: Every level of this upgrade allows you to explore the palo cellar once per day (max of 3, currently). Each time you access this special function it will be marked as having been used, even if you quit without saving your game.

General InformationEdit

A typical exploration consists of a series of combats (anywhere between 4 and 14 have been observed, with rewards of 5-14 xp each), followed by a general experience reward at the end (128-224 observed).

Foes you may encounter:

  • Tarnrat
  • Venomtail
  • Rot Snail
  • Blaze Snake
  • Slithering Menace
  • Stoneback Spider
  • Black Fang Spider
  • others...

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