The Owlnook Tavern is a sordid establishment on Gaddurug's End, the most dangerous section of Northern Trithik.

There, magical items can be sold for a better price than any other shop. The drawback is that 2 ATs must be paid in order to access the shop, and that access is valid only for a week of real-world time. The prices listed for magical items change every 12 hours, again of real-world time. Forum threads mention prices starting at ~75% of actual item value, up to a maximum of 17,500 gold.

Because Adventurer Tokens are scarce, many (if not all) magical items are unique, and gold is always available through grinding, selling at the Owlnook Tavern is not highly recommended. However, this option is probably better than trading AT for gold. Also, the GM may want to accommodate different playing styles.

More information can be found in the following forum threads:

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