Oakaruk are strange creatures of wood and iron, created by the sorceress Koro-Tul. They were first encountered in Attack on Ashlyre, The Wayward Wagons and while EXPLORING Fogbough Outer Wood.

Unique FeaturesEdit

  • Magical Defenses:
  • Combat Adaptation: In the midst of combat, an Oakaruk can "Adapt to your combat tactics". When this happens, the Oakaruk becomes 8+ or 11+ to hit, no matter what your MR is. (i.e. they become a Scaled opponent). It is currently unknown if the Oakaruk can ever start at higher than 11+. Thus, a reduction to their To Hit value (from 12+ or greater reduced to 11+) has not been observed.
    • Previously, Oakaruk's ability to adopt your combat tactics scaled them to 11+ only, but it was {{ #NewWindowLink: |attested }} on Jan. 5, 2010 that they may also scale to 8+. Scaling to 8+ or 11+ appears to be random (there is no set-pattern as to which Oakaruk will scale to which to-hit value).
  • Stun: Oakaruk have a chance to stun you. If they use this special attack, and you fail to resist it (with Body and Spirit), you will be unable to act in the next round.
  • Usually, even when encountered in groups, you always manage to fight them one at a time. Occasionally might get a chance to fight a group of Oakaruk (for example during the quest A Rough Spot. In such cases the group has the exact same abilities as single Oakaruk, but higher Stamina.

Tactical TipsEdit

  • Fight them in Aggressive mode until they use Combat Adaptation (this maximizes your damage when they are easier to hit)
  • Avoid using Powers
  • High scores in Body and Spirit can help you resist their stunning attack.
  • High weapon sub skill is helpful and is not impacted by the Oakaruk's adaptation.
  • If you do get stunned, fight in Defensive mode the next round

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