Not surprisingly, the sphere of necromancy concerns death and the undead. Communicating with the dead or raising them as ghastly servants both come under the influence of this rather creepy sphere.

Uses Edit

In combat, a player with this power may be able to drain the life out his or her enemies, or summon living dead minions. Outside combat its uses are comparatively few (but quite powerful, in some quests).

Combat EffectsEdit

Necromancy effects cannot be resisted.

Wraith TouchEdit

Necromancy's Instant Effect is called Wraith Touch. When it's cast successfully, the combat screen will say:

  • Your wraithlike touch sends a deathly chill through your enemy

This replaces your normal attack.

Damage by Level
Necro. Levelvs Living*vs Undead*
1-9 0?
30-39 9-32

*Results of testing. Other values may be possible.

Summon UndeadEdit

Necromancy's Sustained Effect is Summon Undead. When you cast it, you will get this message:

  • You summon (a/an) (Undead Summoned) to assail your enemy...

On following rounds you will get a version of this message:

  • Your summoned (Undead Summoned) (mercilessly/savagely/relentlessly) (attacks/assails) your foe...

The undead will distract your foe, giving you a bonus to MR:

  • +(see chart) to your Melee Rating this round.

You will continue to attack alongside your undead.

There are a total of ten types of undead creatures which may be summoned. Testing suggests that all the single-name undead have approximately the same strength and that the two "Greater" undead have approximately the same strength. It is possible to summon any type of undead at any level of Necromancy. The MR bonus seems to be affected both by the strength of the undead and by your level of Necromancy, and also varies from one round to the next even for the same undead.

MR Bonus by Level and Type
Necro. LevelLesser*Greater*GP*AG*WL*
1-9 9 (3d4?) 7-15 (4d4?)16 (5d4?) 12-15 (6d4?) 21-26 (7d4?)
30-394-16 (4d4)6-23 (6d4)7-27 (7d4)10-30 (8d4)11-31 (9d4)
80-895-20 (5d4)7-27 (7d4)11-29 (8d4)11-33 (9d4)13-38 (10d4)

*The ranges are the raw results of testing. The value in parentheses is the dice roll that most closely fits the range and average found in testing.

  • Lesser = Cadaver, Corpse, Ghast, Ghoul, Skeleton
  • Greater = Greater Spectre, Greater Wraith
  • GP = Ghoul Prince
  • AG = Abyssal Ghast
  • WL = Wraith Lord

How to Get It Edit

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Historical Effect Edit

Effects of Necromancy before powers enhancement in 2012

Battle Description Edit

The description of this power varies with its level:

Level Description
1-9 A skeletal tarn-rat streaks from the shadows and gnaws at your foe...
10-19 A rotting corpse lurches forward and attacks your enemy...
20-29 A skeletal swordsman rises up from the ground and slashes at your foe...
30-39 A horde of skeletal rats rush forward and swarm your enemy...
40-49 A skeletal ogre rises up from the ground and pounds your foe...
50-59 A skeletal knight steps forward and slashes at your enemy...
60-69 The rotting corpse of a forest troll stalks forward to attack your enemy...
70-79 A spectre glides into view and attacks your foe...
80-89 With an unearthly wail a ghost rises up through the ground and sets upon your enemy...
90-99 The air grows chill as a black-robed phantom appears and assails your foe...
100 The whispers of the dead fill the air as a robed skeleton steps forth from the shadows. The robed figure raises its hand and propels a powerful bolt of negative energy towards your foe...

Irrespective of level, when against undead foes, the description is:

You use your necromantic powers to attempt to destroy your undead foe...

Damage Chart Edit

Since some values are previous to the Necromancy Upgrade, they may be a little unreliable.

Level Damage
1-9 1-6**
10-19 unknown
20-29 unknown
30-39 unknown
40-49 5-20* 5-30**
50-59 6-14* 10-34**
60-69 7-16* 8-42**
70-79 7-47**
80-89 unknown
90-99 unknown
100 unknown

* - Data collected before Necromancy received a buff.

** - Data since the Necromancy Upgrade.

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