This category should list all multiplayer battles. It's a different from normal Category:Replayable Scenarios because the multiplayer battles feature unique mechanics.

Mechanics Edit

(from the GM)

In the multiplayer scenarios, using only melee attacks (no magical powers, etc.) will (after a certain number of consecutive rounds) allow for the chance of scoring major damage against the enemy. The consecutive rounds of melee attacks are carried over from fight to fight against the multiplayer enemies.

The current number to reach is 40 consecutive rounds of melee-only attacks. Once this number has been reached, you will have the chance to score the larger damage amounts as you will begin to spot openings in your enemy's defenses.

Once you've reached 40 consecutive rounds, you will always have the chance to score the larger damage amounts, until you use a magical power.

If a magical power is used in the multiplayer combats, you will need to fight 70 consecutive rounds of combat before you again have the chance to score the larger damage amounts.

Player-Reported Details Edit

Whenever you participate in a multiplayer battle, you may receive the following message:

You spot an opening in the defenses of your enemy and unleash a truly devastating attack!

This occurrence increases the damage you deal to the enemy drastically:

A roll of 18 causes 50-53 damage observed

A roll of 19 causes 75-79 damage observed

A roll of 20 causes 83 damage observed

In addition, all future rolls of 18 and above continue to deal the same increased amount of damage. These attacks "chain" indefinitely and can continue to chain in future boss fights, regardless of whether you struck the final blow on your enemy.

Fleeing does not break the chain, neither does dying, provided that you saved your game at some point after the chain began. Using battle items also does not seem to break the effect.

However, using any kind of power during the boss fight, including Restoration, will break the chain and you will continue doing the regular amount of damage to your enemy until another devastating attack chain begins randomly.


You are participating in a boss fight against the Massive Pumpkin Beast and a devastating attack chain begins. You defeat the beast without using powers during the battle.

Afterwards, you start an attack against the Red Wolf of Sageholt, prior to which you have saved your game. You continue do perform devastating attacks on the the wolf, however, he kills you and you restore your game. You start attacking again and the chain continues, however you are hit really hard and in order to prevent your untimely death, you use Restoration in combat. This breaks the chain and you continue to do the average amount of battle damage you were doing before the chain started.

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