Moat Guardian - Trossk Replayable Scenario

Location: Your Residence
Description: Even moat monsters need to eat. At a cost of 50 gold, you can feed your ever-dangerous trossk enough food to sate its terrible appetite. A full trossk is a happy trossk -- and happy trossks don't normally eat their owners.
Reset time: Once per server day
Requirements: You must have a residence and renovate it, before you can purchase this upgrade. You must also purchase at least one level of Moat.

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: Every level of this upgrade allows you to feed your trossk once per day (max of 3, currently). Each time you access this special function it will be marked as having been used, even if you quit without saving your game.

General Information Edit

You can feed your moat guardian once per day per level. It costs 50 gold per feeding and then you must pass a check.

Success earns you 16 general xp and you avoid his attempts to drag you into the moat. Failure incurs damage and you automatically engage it in playful combat. Attempting to escape the combat initiates another check.

Success means you escape. Failure forces you to engage in "playful combat".

If you avoid the attempt to drag you into the moat you can attempt to move away or still engage in playful combat (a non-lethal combat).

  • Trossk (Non-lethal fight, 12+ Scaled, 200 SP, 6-8 XP)

If you choose to play with your moat monster victory gains you some general xp (confirmed amounts: 64, 96) and a random chance at finding part of a mangled intruder's body with random loot. Getting defeated by your moat monster results in no xp and you move on unharmed since it was a non lethal subdual.

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