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Mirgspil is a growing riverport that sprawls along the banks of the River Trynd. In barely two generations it has grown from a scattering of settlements into a small city. The city is controlled by powerful and rivalrous merchant influences, each seeking to profit from the bustling commerce that Mirgspil has attracted in recent years. A federation of the city's larger merchants, known as the River Guild, wields great power here, overseeing (and profiting from) nearly all of the commerce that passes along the river.

Locations Edit

Grutlang's Trading Post (AG) Edit

Grutlang is described as "a short, bald, thickly-muscled man with a patchy beard", and his shop contains nothing that interests you. You can choose to sell any of your items here between 50% and 75% of their real value, up to 250 gold, what makes this otherwise unremarkable shop the best place to sell low to mid-value loot. See Item Selling Guide for details.

Lady Cirenea the sage (AG) Edit

Lady Cirenea will identify your unidentified items for 25 gold.

The North Bell Cooperage (AG) Edit

A bustling workshop, crafting the barrels that are used in the transport of all manner of goods aboard the vessels that navigate the River Trynd.

The Lost Crown Inn & Tavern Edit

Main article: Gilbornn

The 'Lost Crown' is a clean and respectable tavern, and is a favourite among travelers passing through the riverport. The tavern keep, Gilbornn Surhelm, makes "some interesting... elixirs..."

The Twisted Gate Alehouse Edit

Becomes available during A Meeting in the Twisted Gate.

The Town Magistrate (AG) Edit

Available after completing The Old Cathedral. You can receive an adventure here.

Other Locations Edit

This is an incomplete list of locations known to exist in and around Mirgspil, which you may hear about or visit during quests:

  • Five Knots Inn
  • Stormward Inn

Adventures for This Location Edit

 The Old Cathedral (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Mirgspil
Description: The time has come for a hero to explore the ruins of the Old Cathedral across the river from Mirgspil, and lay to rest the menace that grows with each passing day...
Difficulty: All enemies 3+ at MR 46

Note: Certain events may unlock a further adventure
 So We Meet Again (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Mirgspil
Description: It only takes a moment for you to place the face, but before you can reach for your weapon your unexpected visitor says something that causes you to stay your hand...
Requirements: You must make a certain decision during the course of The Old Cathedral.
Difficulty: None

 Tribwin's Trouble (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Visit the town magistrate in Mirgspil.
Description: You learn that a local palo merchant may have cause to fear for his life...
Requirements: Must have completed The Old Cathedral.
Difficulty: None

Note: Listed as Tribwin's Trouble in Completed Adventures.
 An Unpleasant Encounter (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Mirgspil - Adventures for this location
Description: The man's face turns a deep shade of crimson, and you sense that he is resolved to have it out with you, here and now. You feel that perhaps it's time someone taught this obnoxious brute a lesson...
Difficulty: Optional fight - 9+ at MR 34.

Note: Listed as The Sign of The Seven in Events.
 7 Goblins - Part III - Tarungar the Axe Formal Adventure?
Location: Mirgspil in Western Tysa.
Description: You are about to find yourself deeply involved in the grim spectacle unfolding in the riverport...
Requirements: 7 Goblins - Part II - The Tamer of Wolves
Saga: 7 Goblins
Difficulty: Up to 6+ at MR 130.

 A Meeting in the Twisted Gate (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Mirgspil
Description: All eyes are upon you as you step through the ageworn slab of timber that separates the interior of the notorious alehouse from the bustling street outside...
Requirements: Collected all 3 dreadstones and picked up Thymbrak's Note‎ from the Goblinclaw Inn.
Saga: Dreadstones
Difficulty: See Note below.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 The Horsemen (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Mirgspil
Description: Daroldir, his tunic soaked with blood, turns and shouts a warning to you. In that instant you realize, with a mix of horror and admiration, that the young knight is about to...
Requirements: Horsemanship skill and a mount, The Faces in the Mirror
Saga: March of the Oakaruk
Difficulty: Toughest opponent - 9+ at MR 200
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 The Rat Den (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Mirgspil
Description: You thought you smelled a rat...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold and The Savage Wild
Saga: The Oakenstone Mask
Difficulty: 12+ under the scaled option
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: A V.W.K. quest which can be played as either Normal or Scaled
 Flamewielder (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Mirgspil
Description: Where there's smoke...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold and The Savage Wild
Saga: The Oakenstone Mask
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: Named after and inspired by the Oakenstone Mask challenge Flamewielder. Written by V.W.K.

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