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The Village of Marl's Wood

The village of Marl's Wood is named after its founder -- an explorer and woodsman named Marl who established a trading post here nearly three hundred years ago. The village has changed very little since that time and has remained primarily a haven for woodcutters, a few farmers, and a handful of tradesmen. The people of Marl's Wood are a hardy, rugged bunch, who are friendly to their neighbours and welcoming to strangers.

Locations Edit

The Woodside Inn & Tavern Edit

 The Bat Cave (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Marl's Wood
Description: Miss Loabella, the daughter of the miller, has gone missing. Everybody in the village fears she was somehow taken into the dangerous and nearby Bat cave...
Difficulty: Several battles, hardest is 9+ at MR 90, 300 SP. See also The Bat Cave

The Village Rector (AG) Edit

Will give you permission to enter the Bat Cave.

Explore the Forest (AG) Edit

 The Tome of Forgotten Lore (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Marl's Wood
Description: While exploring the forest to the south of the village of Marl's Wood, you come upon the overgrown ruins of a large stone structure. And in the ruins you encounter a lone Catamarok. Who is he and what is he doing there? Will you live long enough to find out?
Difficulty: 9 battles (hardest 14+ at MR 98, 6+ at MR 105, 215 SP). Requires both Lore and Arcana to 60.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Nearby Locations Edit

The Bat Cave (AG) Edit

Unlocked during the quest The Bat Cave.

Main article: The Bat Cave

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