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Kurthyl Rise

The steep, jagged hill known as Kurthyl Rise was once home to the magnificent Library of Longlight. The library was built and maintained by a brotherhood of monks and at its height of splendour contained perhaps the largest collection of holy and arcane texts to be found in the realms.

The library still exists, but it is little more than a crumbling pile of stone -- most of its important books have either been looted or have rotted over the several hundred years since its abandonment.

Spoiler Information
When you enter the ruined library, if you posses in your inventory the Hidebound Book from The Merchant of Bones adventure, the game will alert you to the fact that an item can be used here. If you allow Joruspur to keep the book, you receive 64 general experience and 4 Adventurer Tokens

Adventures Edit

 Joruspur's Task Informal Adventure

Location: The library of Kurthyl Rise.
Description: You've undertaken a mission for the priest, Joruspur, who has been tasked to restore the ancient Library of Longlight.
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 62, some 4+ at MR 59, although the higher your Woodsmanship skill, the better.

Note: Listed under "Notes from the Stonehills" under Adventures.
 The Depths of Longlight (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The library of Kurthyl Rise, converse with Joruspur after doing the first quest. See Kurthyl Rise for details.
Description: You descended into the shadowy lower level of the Library of Longlight and investigated it for Joruspur, to find the sacred Tome of Ages.
Requirements: Joruspur's Task
Difficulty: Most difficult battle is (9+ at MR 100 Exact, 175 SP)
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: Listed under "Notes from the Stonehills" under Adventures.

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