If you find something in the game that you think is a bug, you can try to:

  • If you're not sure, post it on the forum under the Help Section. More experienced players can tell you if it's a known bug, an unknown one or even some slightly inconsistent behaviour that has become "the way it is".
  • If you're quite sure it's a bug, send it to the GM, using the bug reporting tool on the bottom right corner of the game screen. He will usually answer promptly. You can also reach him at if you're unable to login to the game, but the in-game reporting tool is preferable because it includes the Game Section you're in. He will usually reply, if it's really a bug. Check at the forum if you don't receive a reply.

This page is not to list bugs that are here today and gone tomorrow. The purpose is to keep track of subtle bugs that have been there for quite a while, and that the GM has trouble fixing (or just hasn't fixed yet, remember that soon is flexible). Some of these wander into loose ends territory.

General equipment Edit

If you ever find your stats are different than it should, specially just after receiving a MR/SP/NV bonus, try unequipping and re-equipping any piece of equipment affecting that stat. It's a rare happening. Sometimes, it's seen after the GM changes something globally affecting players.

Requirements with Ghor-Tiln's Eye Edit

Effect:: When you first equip Tzal-Toalth and then the amulet, the requirements are not re-checked, so you can use the combination even if you do not possess the required level in Weaponry and Weaponry: Staves.

Solution: This bug is actually advantageous to the player. If you want to avoid triggering it accidentally, make sure you always equip the Eye before trying to wield Tzal-Toalth.

Notes: When loading a saved game, the requirements for equipped items are recalculated, so if you saved with the incorrect combination equipped you will automatically unequip Tzal-Toalth, without any warning. You will fight Unarmed until you equip another weapon!

Phantom Weapon Bonuses Edit

Effect: Inconsistencies to weapon/armour bonuses which can be summarized below:

  • Phantom Weapon:
    • Applies +4 MR to Unarmed and any equipped weapon.
    • Applies +4 SP to any equipped weapon EXCEPT for unarmed.
    • Does not apply +4 NV to NV boosting Weapons.
  • Phantom Armour:
    • Applies +4 SP to any piece of equipped armour, regardless of any SP boosts.
    • Applies +4 NV only when applicable.
    • Applies +4 MR only when applicable.

Solution: Currently none. A minor bug that isn't game-breaking.

Moonpath keys Edit

At the Cave of the Ice Troll, sometimes you can use any of the keys instead of the right one.