The following data are still from the old system. Part of it is revised. Part of it is not. Use it at your own risk.

The following tables show what you can can get for those items that come as rewards or from quests, which include armour, weapons, rings, amulets, shields, and bracelets.


ArmourReal ValueShop valueLocation
Banded Gauntlets of Troll Might9,0001,950Gryphook's
Belt of Fortitude (wc)3,0001,500Gryphook's
Belt of the Bear2,5501,275Gryphook's
Bone Gauntlets of Vigor (mg)5,7501,950Gryphook's
Cape of the Griffon6,5001,950Gryphook's
Chain Mail Shirt (cm)500375Graldok
Crimson Tabard (cm)43Graldok
Dragonwing Breastplate (mg)49,5001,950Gryphook's
Falcon Wing Belt2,5501,275Gryphook's
Gauntlets of the Wolf2,0501,025Gryphook's
Hawk Wing Belt2,5501,275Gryphook's
Helm of the Stag2,1001,050Gryphook's
High Leather Boots (cm)5038Graldok
Knight's Breastplate (wc)5,0001,950Gryphook's
Knight’s Leggings (wc)2,5001,250Gryphook's
Kozuron's Hood (mg)6,5001,950Gryphook's
Leather Vest (cm)10075Graldok
Magnificent Iron Helm (um)5,0001,950Gryphook's
Nightsong Boots (mg)8,5001,950Gryphook's
Nightsong Breastplate (mg)16,0001,950Gryphook's
Nightsong Greaves (mg)13,5001,950Gryphook's
Nightsong Sleeves (mg)13,5001,950Gryphook's
Owl Wing Belt (mg)4,0501,950Gryphook's
Shield of the Dragon (mg)1,5001,000Graldok
Studded Rogue's Cape (mg)6,5001,950Gryphook's
Guard's Chain Shirt5,0001,950Gryphook's
Helm of Storms6,000


WeaponsReal ValueShop valueLocation
Beargull’s Blade (ex)1,5001,125Mezaryl
Black Steel Axe (mg)4,5001,950Gryphook's
Blade of the Fox (mg)4,5001,950Gryphook's
Blalak's Broadsword1,250938Mezaryl/Graldok
Creyn Blade (mg)35,5003,500Bryniver's
Dagger of Waking Dread (mg)3,7502,000Mezaryl
Darkfire Blade (mg)4,5001,950Gryphook's
Demonscourge (mg)43,0003,500Bryniver's
Dravnia’s Dagger (mg)6,5001,950Gryphook's
Enchanted Dagger (mg)1,100825Mezaryl/Graldok
Engraved Troll-Bont (mg)100325Bryniver's
Exalted Ruby Longsword (mg)55,5003,500Bryniver's
Fiery Longsword (mg)5,5001,950Gryphook's
Giantfell Blade (mg)53,5003,500Bryniver's
Glittering Long Knife (mg)14,0003,500Bryniver's
GoblinDoom (mg)22,2503,500Bryniver's
Goblineye’s Short Blade (um)2,5001,875Mezaryl
Hale Blade (mg)19,0003,500Bryniver's
Heavy Broadsword (cm)12594Graldok
Iron Rod (mg)7,5001,950Gryphook's
Jodd's Dagger (um)2,5001,875Mezaryl
Knight’s Warsword (ex)1,5001,125Mezaryl
Long-handled Knife43Graldok
Massive Warhammer (um)2,5001,875Mezaryl
Perynn’s Long Blade (mg)9,5002,600Bryniver's
Quickstab Dagger (mg)14,5003,500Bryniver's
Serrated Blade of Despair (mg)7,5001,950Gryphook's
Sharp Hand Axe (st)10075Graldok
Shimmering Silver weapon (mg)88,0003,500Bryniver's
Stone Dagger (cm)43Graldok
Stone Longsword (cm)86Graldok
Stone Short Sword (cm)1612Graldok
Trollbone Mallet4,5001,950Gryphook's
Tzal-Kagoth (mg)61,0003,500Bryniver's
Wither Blade (mg)18,0003,500Bryniver's
Wraithking’s Sceptre (mg)Unknown3,500Bryniver's
Ziridor's Iron Fist (mg)4,5001,950Gryphook's


RingsReal ValueShop valueLocation
Adventurer's Ring (mg)8,2501,950Gryphook's
Bone Ring (cm)11Anywhere
Black Stone Ring (cm)1,250938Graldok
Darkwood Ring (mg)11,0001,950Gryphook's
Irilden’s Iron Ring6,7501,950Gryphook's
Ring of Astounding Might (mg)10,0001,950Gryphook's
Ring of Battle Spirit (mg)12,7501,950Gryphook's
Ring of Dark Valour (mg)12,2501,950Gryphook's
Ring of Long Shadows (mg)36,0001,950Gryphook's
Ring of Mystical Ability (mg)5,0001,950Gryphook's
Ring of Spry Fortune (mg)4,0001,950Gryphook's
Ring of the Serpent (mg)2,2501,125Gryphook's
Ring of Vitality (mg)1,250938Graldok
Rogue’s Grin Ring (mg)3,0001,500Gryphook's
Shiny Gold Ring (cm)2519Graldok
Silver Ring (mg)5,0001,950Gryphook's
Sorcerer's Band13,2501,950Gryphook's
Sorcerer's Battle Ring (mg)8,5001,950Gryphook's
Spiked Iron Ring (mg)5,0001,950Gryphook's
Thin Crystal Ring (mg)1,000750Graldok
Warrior's Ring5,7501,950Gryphook's
Wooden Masters Ring (mg)11,0001,950Gryphook's


AmuletsReal ValueShop valueLocation
Amulet of Storms (mg)7,5001,950Gryphook's
Black Bone Amulet (mg)3,5001,750Gryphook's
Black Stone on a Chain (cm)43Graldok
Dragonclaw Amulet (mg)23,5001,950Gryphook's
Dragontooth Medallion (cm)14,5001,950Gryphook's
Jade Battle Amulet (mg)6,1001,950Gryphook's
Medallion of Blessed Fortune (mg)9,5501,950Gryphook's
Medallion of Mighty Misfortune (mg)6,0001,950Gryphook's
Medallion of Phase Form (mg)1,050788Graldok
Octagonal Bone Amulet* (mg)5,5001,950Gryphook's
Owl Amulet (cm)108Graldok
Silver Amulet Half# (cm)11Anywhere
Silver Axe Medallion# (cm)1310Gryphook's
Snake's Head Medallion (cm)31,0001,950Gryphook's
Stone Skull Amulet (mg)20001000Graldok/Gryphook's


ShieldsReal ValueShop valueLocation
Kite Shield (cm)1,5001,000Graldok
Studded Buckler (cm)225169Graldok


OtherReal ValueShop valueLocation
Black Pearl Bracelet (cm)8060Graldok
Emerald Bracelet (cm)19,5501,000Graldok
Ruby Bracelet (cm)150113Graldok
Wooden Skull Mask (cm)*84Graldok


MiscReal ValueShop valueLocation
Brass Lantern63Gryphook's
Bronze Disk*2613Gryphook's
Coil of Strong Rope42Gryphook's
Enchanted Map1,000500Gryphook's
Gold Cup of Zaafyl7,5002,500Bryniver's
(with Diplomacy)
Granite Key*5025Gryphook's
Iron Wand*42Gryphook's
Large Trollsnake Skin20+14+Trithik
Pouch of Emeralds2,5001,500Thane Pyrond
(with Diplomacy)
Small Bone Key#11anywhere
Small Emerald5025Gryphook's
Small Leather Pouch500250Gryphook's
Takabak Feather11Anywhere
Trollsnake Skin1510Trithik
Trossk Horn6045Mirgspil, Grutlang's Trading Post


  • Items marked * are used in a quest and then remain in your backpack.
  • Items marked # are rewards from a quest with flavor text, but no current association to another quest.

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