Commonly, items will have an entry in their description called "Power", which indicates that the weapon has a special ability that activates during combat. On this wiki, we distinguish these by calling them an "Item Powers" (as distinct from a Power that a character can train).

General InformationEdit

Item Powers are most commonly found on Magical Weapons, but can also be found on magical armour (see Armour with Powers), although rarely so. For an Item Power to activate, the item must be equipped prior to entering combat.

Hidden Item PowersEdit

Some items have an Item Power, but it isn't listed on the item's in-game information page. These are generally referred to as "hidden" item powers. Both Magical Weapons and Armour with Powers can have hidden item powers.

Types of Item PowersEdit

Most Item Powers serve to cause extra damage to your enemy during combat. The damage can range from as low as 2 points, to more than 100 points (and each Item Power usually has a range of damage that it can cause).

Other known Item Powers include:

  • a Phase effect, or temporary boost to your MR
  • a Stun effect, wherein your enemy is unable to attack for 1 or more rounds (and may take additional damage on the first Stunned round)
  • a Dodge effect, wherein you dodge all damage from your enemy for 1 round

Sometimes the "other" item powers are named differently, but function effectively the same.

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