Item 1767: Aldvarian Artifact (Extremely Rare) Value: 1 gold Misc 

Encumbrance: 0
This ancient Aldvarian artifact offers an intriguing, but puzzling glimpse into an age long since relegated to the realm of forgotten history.
This artifact might be classified as extremely rare.
You've heard rumours that the Westgard Library in Talinus has been buying these types of artifacts from adventurers for Battle Markers.
You currently possess a total of X of these artifacts.
Note: The line telling you how many you have is there only if you have more than 1.

Obtained atEdit

Randomly-dropped loot in encounters throughout Tysa.

Unique FeaturesEdit

Usage TipsEdit

The sages at the Westgard Library in Talinus will pay 12 Battle Markers for an extremely rare Aldvarian Artifact.