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 Item 1715: Hammer Of Eternal Winter (Magical) Weapon, Bashing 

AT Cost: 432  Adventurer Tokens
Encumbrance: 4
PowerEternal Winter
Melee Rating: +36
Stamina Points: +4
Body: +2
Spirit: +2
Requires 16 Spirit.
Requires 16 Might.
Requires 16 Body.
Requires 16 Agility.
Requires 76 Weaponry.
Requires 76 Weaponry: Bashing.
Koth }}.
This weapon is of magical quality.
Note: This is a {{ #NewWindowLink: | limited time item }} offered from Dec. 23rd onwards.

Obtained atEdit

Tallys, from Dec. 23rd, 2009 through January 13th, 2010.

Unique FeaturesEdit

Usage TipsEdit

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