Item 1715: Hammer Of Eternal Winter (Magical) Weapon, Bashing 

AT Cost: 432  Adventurer Tokens
Encumbrance: 4
PowerEternal Winter
Melee Rating: +36
Stamina Points: +4
Body: +2
Spirit: +2
Requires 16 Spirit.
Requires 16 Might.
Requires 16 Body.
Requires 16 Agility.
Requires 76 Weaponry.
Requires 76 Weaponry: Bashing.
This massive head of this ancient, enchanted hammer is jet black and covered with a perpetual coating of frost.
The wind of a wild winter storm -- a storm that has long since come and gone -- whispers into your ear as you close your hand around this magnificent weapon.
This weapon possesses the ability to temporarily freeze your foes.
Tallys tells you that this weapon, and its brethren, were discovered in the mountains in Koth.
This weapon is of magical quality.
Note: This is a limited time item offered from Dec. 23rd onwards.

Obtained atEdit

Tallys, from Dec. 23rd, 2009 through January 13th, 2010.

Unique FeaturesEdit

Usage TipsEdit

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