Item 1398: Megnun's Warblade (Magical) Weapon, Slashing 

AT Cost: 480  Adventurer Tokens
Encumbrance: 4
Melee Rating: +36
Stamina Points: +7
Agility: +3
Body: +3
Might: +3
Requires 17 Might
Requires 17 Spirit
Requires 17 Body
Requires 76 Weaponry
Requires 76 Weaponry: Slashing
This ancient broadsword was once the property of Megnun, the Grand Protector of the realm of Naidor. Megnun gave this weapon to Tallys after the master adventurer chased a powerful clan of mountain giants from the secluded realm.
This weapon is of magical quality.

Obtained atEdit


Unique FeaturesEdit

Usage TipsEdit

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