Item 12203: Abyssal Blade Of Darkness (Magical) Weapon, Slashing 

AT Cost: 696  Adventurer Tokens
Encumbrance: 4
PowerAbyssal Storm
Melee Rating: +50, and +8 extra vs. Demons, and +4 extra vs. Undead
Nevernal Reserve: +3
Requires 12 Mind
Requires 12 Body
Requires 12 Spirit
Requires 90 Weaponry
Requires 90 Weaponry:Slashing
The souls of seven demon lords are trapped within the black steel blade this vicious sword. An aura of darkness surrounds this weapon at all times, making it difficult to see either the sword or the hand and forearm of its wielder.

Despite its dark origin, this weapon was specifically created for the noble purpose of slaying demons.
Three stars are engraved upon the hilt of this fearsome longsword.
This weapon is of magical quality.

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Tallys, limited time item appearing around 10th December 2011

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