The only place in the game to find (i.e. buy) imbuable items is the Forge of the Brothers Cragg. To unlock it, you must visit Kyul-Thanor and talk to Yilea the Weaponsmith about imbuable items. Once you've done so, you may visit the Forge of the Brothers Cragg and purchase imbuable items.

Special PropertiesEdit

Imbuable Items have the following properties in common:

  • They can be imbued with 3 Icons at one time (but see weapons and armor below for more specifics)
  • Icons can be removed (up to 3 at a time) by Lothren for a cost of 64 xp per Item (not per Icons).
  • They can be renamed as you choose (while you are imbuing them), allowing for a customizable weapon. This name only allows letters and spaces (possibly numbers as well but not tested). If you remove your Icons from an imbuable item, the imbuable item's name is immediately reset as well.

Imbuable WeaponsEdit

In addition to the special properties above, Imbuable weapons have the following properties:

  • +4 MR bonus (same as an Exceptional weapon's MR bonus)
  • May be imbued with one Icon that has an Item Power.

Imbuable ArmorEdit

In addition to the special properties above, Imbuable armor has the following properties:

  • May not be imbued with Icons which have an Item Power.


The list of imbuable items is on the Imbuable Items category:

And this is an example:

 Item 542: Imbuable Leather Breastplate (Imbuable) Value: 1,600 gold Armour, Torso 

Encumbrance: 4
Stamina Points: +2
There are currently no Nevernal Icons affixed to this item.

This piece of Imbuable leather armour will protect your torso. This is a an imbuable item. You may affix Icons to it to enhance its attributes. To affix an Icon to it, click on ITEMS to view your inventory and then USE this item.

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