Ildraria Multiplayer Battle

Location: Your journey takes you from Southern Tysa, through Thanevale to The Copper Wood
Description: A battle against Ildraria, a Dusk Dragon
Reset time: Variable, some number of hours
Difficulty: About 9+ at MR 105 (seems to be recent update)

This main rewards of this scenario are:

You can leave this scenario without resetting it.

Multiplayer Battle Edit

Here you can access a multiplayer battle (all players can look, but only AG members can fight) against a fierce dusk dragon, Ildraria. The mechanics are similar to the Tarramyre one, but you can rest in the same place the battle takes place in, like Sageholt.

You can encounter 2 scaled (8+) Trolls in separate battles on your way to the chamber of the Dragon. These encounters are repeatable,but it's unclear how often they respawn.

Once the dragon comes, you must roll 1-100 + Spirit + Mind/2 (need 50) to resist the aura of fear of the dragon. The difficulty of the engagement increases if you fail the test. The difficulty is around 13+ for MR 100 and 5+ for MR 115, winning the roll. If you fail the roll, the difficulty increases around 5-7 MR and their specials strike more often. It's even advisable to flee from her if this happens.

Number of attacks per round are between 12 and 16

Normal AttacksEdit

  • The massive, ancient dragon snaps at you with her powerful jaws
  • The fearsome dragon roars as she swipes out at you with her deadly claws

Special attacksEdit

  • The great dragon swipes at you with her long and deadly claws... (around 30 SP)
  • Ildraria lunges forward and snaps her powerful, fang-filled jaws closed around you... (around 30 SP)
  • The great dragon rears back her head and stretches her jaws wide as she unleashes a powerful breath of fire... (around 40 SP)

You've been struck and stunned by the dragon's fiery blast and will be unable to act during the next round.

  • The great dragon rears back her head and stretches her jaws wide as she unleashes a MASSIVE breath of fire... (around 80 SP, 100 SP observed)

You've been struck and stunned by the dragon's fiery blast and will be unable to act during the next round.

Special actionsEdit

  • Occasionally, Ildraria will not attack during a single combat round, and you will see this text: Faced with another immediate threat, your enemy momentarily ignores you... This occurs even if you are fighting her solo.

Rewards Edit

Experience rewards for the Killing Blow and Damage Done are the same as those in Tarramyre.

You can also receive Jagged Iron Shards for each round you participate. You can have a maximum of 10 shards. (Fighting defensively helps in getting the shards as it reduces the damage from the pissed off dragon!) Using the fortification power of impen. shield once stamina is below 60 or so let you survive until you are forced out, almost guarrenteeing you get a shard.

What to do with the shards
Ask The Guildmaster about them (he will answer to "Jagged Iron Shard" or "Ildraria"). He will direct you to a certain character in Blade Square that will take your 10 Iron Shards, give you the Iron Dragon Disc and tell you the location of the Vault of the Iron Dragon in Thanevale (AG-only).

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