From time to time, the game will alert you that a particular item, skill or power may be helpful in a situation. This is called a "Hint" and different for Items than it is for Powers and Skills.

At certain locations you can use a skill/power/item without a hint. For example, in one of the early PG IV scenarios you can use Archery to kill your opponents instead of engaging them in combat even though there's no hint.

Power and Skill HintsEdit

The in-game text is: A particular power or skill might be of use here... learn more hint <list of applicable items or powers>

It then lists the powers and skills, along with their level requirements that are necessary for the attempt (you are not guaranteed success, but higher levels in the required power or skill do help).

Once you've viewed your options, you may click your "Stats" button, then select the Power or Skill of your choice and click the corresponding USE button.

Item HintsEdit

The in-game text is: A particular item might be of use here... learn more

An Item Hint doesn't give you a list of which items are viable for the current situation. You're on your own, except that you know an item would be useful (it doesn't even let you know if you HAVE the item or not).

Unlike using Skills and Powers using an item will ALWAYS succeed, as long as you use the correct item.


The Items drop-down list on the Stats pane is ordered by date of arrival of the item into your inventory. That means if you just picked up an item (specially if it's a Misc item, of which you'll have huge amounts) you will find it at the bottom of the list. That's the quickest way to use an item you've just picked up.

Another way would be to open the Item as soon as you pick it up and use the (Use) link next to its name, but that won't work if your panes have been refreshed, while the Stats -> Drop-down -> <End> -> Use method is always available


Hints were introduced before PG IV. All older adventures do not use hints. Instead there you have one of the following:

  • a list of the skills and/or powers you can use, as well as the required level of each - the most common
  • an option that shows up ONLY if you have the required skill/power - such a situation can be found in Lyrelocke Monastery - the option to "Use your power of GATING to lock the Shadow Gate..." is there only if you have Gating
  • NO hint at all - for example The Axe of Bramble

Before 2011, the game text was

A particular power or skill might be of use here... learn more hint

and you had to click to get a list of applicable skills on the right pane.

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