Highway Robbery Replayable Scenario

Location: During Travel
Description: While traveling through ---, on your way to ---, you encounter a band of rugged highwaymen...
Reset time: Encountered at random
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 30 or less

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: This is available to non-AG characters

Details Edit

Sometimes while traveling, you will encounter the following: An unexpected encounter...

  • While nearing <destination> you encounter a band of rugged highwaymen...
  • While traveling through <location>, on your way to <destination>, you encounter a band of rugged highwaymen...
  • There can be 4 to 9 highwaymen, including their leader.
  • The encounter can trigger any time and is also available to non-AG characters.
  • Sometimes there will be a mention of the mark of a certain bandit (Harn Longaxe) on the leader, along with a little bit more flavor text.
  • The leader will demand gold as tribute: 25, 50, 75 or 100 (random and unrelated to anything else). You can pay, refuse to pay, flee or attack the bandits.
    • Paying will let you continue without more hassle
    • Refusing to pay once will show you all options again. Refusing twice will force you to combat.
    • If you try to flee, you'll have a Random check (1-100 + Mind * 1 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 0.50). 75 or more needed to pass. you escape if you pass. you're forced to fight if you don't pass
    • If you attack them, you'll face them one by one. They are Highwayman (9+ at MR 25-31 Variable, 35-40 SP) so they're not dangerous except to very low-level characters (an AG character with average stats and Goblindoom should be safe), however, if you're defeated they kill you, so if you're not sure you can manage the encounter you should pay instead. After dispatching them all (except the leader, who always flees) you'll get 64 General XP and some loot and gold from their camp.

After you've defeated several groups of bandits, they'll no longer ask for a tribute, leaving you with just the option to ignore or to attack them. If you choose to attack them they may flee (in which case you get nothing) or engage you, in which case you fight them as normal. As the number of bandits you have defeated increases the odds of them fleeing from you also increase, but are never 0, so no matter how many bandits you defeat some may still choose to fight you if you attack them.

This is not really a scenario for grinding, since you have no control over when it happens, but the loot is decent for the small amount of time and effort involved when you do encounter it.

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