Every now and them, Sryth features special, Limited-time events. Some of them are seasonal and semi-regular. Halloween is one of them. Some of the Halloween-themed events have sticked, like Wurmwrit's Farm with its Pumpkin multiplayer battle, some of the pumpkin Tallys Limited Time Items, and the Grinning Jack-O-Lantern

2007 Event Edit

Earlier than Halloween proper, it was the first appearance of the Glowing Goblin. Basically, you could find him at random to get some tokens that could be later exchanged with Sryth Bonus Points.

It also marked the appearance of Wurmwrit's Farm, the Grinning Jack-O-Lantern and Murilmyr's Hunt. The Jack-O-Lantern awarded a special prize to all players who got it before November 2008.

2008 Event Edit

This was the second appearance of the Glowing Goblin. The multiplayer battle with the pumpkin of Wurmwrit's Farm was introduced as part of the event. Once more, you had to grind for coins that later were exchanged for XP and AT. See the Glowing Goblin page for details.

2009 Event Edit

Called The Missing Seeds, it was the third appearance of the Glowing Goblin. You had to chase it through all of Tysa, and ended up with an early access to Tarlaro and The Seven Spheres adventure. See the Glowing Goblin.

2010 Event Edit

Pumpkin growing contest Edit

The Halloween 2010 event started on 17 October 2010 and took place on Zumryn's Battlegrounds. The event was a pumpkin-growing contest between all Adventurers Guild members. After purchasing a pumpkin for 100 gold, you can water your pumpkin every four hours, with added benefit of performing any waterings that you may have missed previously. The main advantage of this setting is that it equalizes opportunities among all participants: only possible advantage would be that due to timezone, some adventurers could water their pumpkins once or twice more, but the range of that advantage is quite below the randomness of watering rewards.

Rules Edit

The rules of the event were:

  • Each participant may purchase 1 pumpkin (at a cost of 100 gold).
  • You may water your pumpkin once for every 4 hour period that passes (starting from the beginning of the contest - Sunday, October 17, 8 PM).
  • You do not need to water your pumpkin every 4 hours. You could, for example, check on your pumpkin just once a day and provide it with all the watering it has missed since the last time you tended it.
  • Every four hours (provided you have been tending it properly!) your pumpkin will grow, increasing in size and weight.
  • There are different watering options available for you to purchase (using gold).
  • There will be prizes awarded to the ten largest pumpkins (based on their weight). In the event of a tie for any of the top ten places, each tied participant will receive an identical prize.
  • The prizes for the top ten finishers (the heaviest pumpkins) are as follows:
    • 1st Place - 32 Adventurer Tokens
    • 2nd Place - 28 Adventurer Tokens
    • 3rd Place - 24 Adventurer Tokens
    • 4th Place - 20 Adventurer Tokens
    • 5th Place - 16 Adventurer Tokens
    • 6th Place - 14 Adventurer Tokens
    • 7th Place - 12 Adventurer Tokens
    • 8th Place - 10 Adventurer Tokens
    • 9th Place - 8 Adventurer Tokens
    • 10th Place - 6 Adventurer Tokens
  • Additionally, any participant whose pumpkin does not place in the top ten, but reaches a minimum weight of 250 pounds, will receive a prize of 4 Adventurer Tokens.
  • The contest begins on Sunday, October 17, 2010 @ 8 PM (Eastern Time). On Saturday, October 30, 2010, 8 PM (Eastern Time) the final watering will be unlocked, and the event will finish four hours later.

Watering Strategy Edit

You can select several different liquids to water your pumpkin:

Pumpkin Liquids
Name Cost Effect
Plain Water 25 gold Adds 1 to 4 pounds per watering.
Blessed Water 50 gold Adds 2 to 8 pounds per watering.
Enchanted Water 100 gold Adds 3 to 12 pounds per watering.
Potion of Growth 250 gold Adds 4 to 16 pounds per watering.
Potion of Super Growth 500 gold Adds 6 to 24 pounds per watering.
Potion of Extreme Growth 750 gold Adds 8 to 32 pounds per watering.
Potion of Dangerous Growth 1,000 gold Adds 12 to 48 pounds per watering.

For characters with enough (more than 78,000) gold, the best (and only) strategy to win would be to always water with the best (and most expensive) Potion of Dangerous Growth. That guarantees a wildly varying result of 936-3744 pounds, so you will heavily rely on luck.

However, for poorer characters (like secondaries) or for players who do not want to try for the prizes, only for the guaranteed 4 AT reward, the aim should be to reach 250 pounds spending the minimum amount of gold. Thus, this event would mean buying 4 AT with gold.

As there are 13 full days in this event, supposing you arrived at the last possible moment, you could water your pumpkin 78 times straight. Let's remove a couple of waterings to 75, to make sure you don't end up caught with the finishing time. To get the desired 250 pounds, you would need, on average, 250/75 = 3,33 pounds per watering. Plain Water could take you there, but it's improbable, Blessed Water offers an average of 5 pounds per watering, so it's a much safer bet. I would thus recommend watering with Blessed Water, saving from time to time (let's say each 5 to 10 waterings) to see how are you doing, and possibly switching to a more expensive potion in case you're having bad luck and lagging behind. This way, you will expend (on average) 2,500 gold to buy 4 AT. That is achievable by all characters, a single run through Axepath Cemetery should give you the required gold.

To make surer (or quicker) you can also

  • Use Enchanted Water - average 3,333 gold spent (33 waterings)
  • Use Potion of Growth - the first that completely ensures against bad luck (its minimum is higher than the required average) - average 6,250 gold spent (25 waterings)
  • Use Potion of Super Growth - average 7,500 gold spent (15 waterings)
  • Use Potion of Extreme Growth - 9,375 average gold spent (12,5 waterings)
  • Use Potion of Dangerous Growth - 8,333 average gold spent (8,33 waterings)

Final Leaderboard Edit

The 100 top positions (from 236 participants)
Final Leaderboard
PlaceAdventurerPumpkin WeightWatered
1.Grite [haplen]2,534 pounds 78 times
2.Ishanna [lyrehc]2,482 pounds 78 times
3.Bounty Hunter [BountyHunter]2,481 pounds 78 times
3.Lili Silvat [meduwyn]2,481 pounds 78 times
4.Justis Mir [ede695]2,472 pounds 78 times
5.Weezel [qwertyweezel]2,469 pounds 78 times
6.Dranikos [Dranikos]2,454 pounds 78 times
7.Alanne [thinman]2,450 pounds 78 times
7.ISHI [jpeter]2,450 pounds 78 times
8.Lady Jemia [summermoon2]2,448 pounds 78 times
9.Mrcrowley [mrcrowley]2,445 pounds 78 times
9.Rune [meduwyn]2,445 pounds 78 times
10.Zedalion [sbmagle]2,443 pounds 78 times
11.Valin Dupre [Skarnkai]2,436 pounds 78 times
12.Lancelot [texlaw1992]2,435 pounds 78 times
13.Omalin [omalin]2,433 pounds 78 times
14.Taleria [Taleria]2,429 pounds 78 times
14.Aluminia [galbraith]2,429 pounds 78 times
15.Ren [kfinn]2,421 pounds 78 times
16.AlbanAnvil [albananvil]2,420 pounds 78 times
17.Nathair Ap Dubh [Makhazarhael]2,417 pounds 78 times
18.MacFarlane [Holden]2,416 pounds 78 times
18.Kestrall [kestrall]2,416 pounds 78 times
19.BlademastrD [davems28]2,412 pounds 77 times
19.Phaedre [Phaedre]2,412 pounds 76 times
20.Teotm [pjr2525]2,411 pounds 78 times
21.Arakin [mercury]2,410 pounds 78 times
22.SirensDestiny [ragnarok69]2,409 pounds 77 times
22.Durgin Nevermiss [Durgin]2,409 pounds 78 times
23.Russ Grimm [kaffe]2,404 pounds 78 times
24.Seere [rjkellar]2,396 pounds 78 times
25.Sheara [shadowblack]2,395 pounds 77 times
26.BillyDaKid [BillyDakid]2,388 pounds 78 times
27.Nolly [nolly]2,381 pounds 78 times
27.Syleen [shadowblack]2,381 pounds 77 times
28.Jibril [Rosiel]2,379 pounds 77 times
29.Spencer Lionking [Durgin]2,378 pounds 78 times
30.Marden [meduwyn]2,376 pounds 78 times
31.Nuada [omalin]2,373 pounds 78 times
32.Blix [jackfrost65]2,370 pounds 78 times
33.Kieran [almathea]2,364 pounds 78 times
34.Hawk [oldschool]2,362 pounds 78 times
35.Pythia [Taleria]2,360 pounds 78 times
35.Kaizer [dariel]2,360 pounds 78 times
36.Durge [racey]2,359 pounds 76 times
37.Judge Fury [Badstench]2,355 pounds 78 times
38.Regan Spargo [galbraith]2,352 pounds 78 times
39.Shadowblack [shadowblack]2,351 pounds 77 times
40.Brutus [vinnie]2,350 pounds 78 times
41.Chekhu [Sharvyn]2,349 pounds 78 times
42.Spellhurler [karate]2,345 pounds 78 times
43.Trogg [ShadowDragon]2,344 pounds 78 times
44.Garet Jax [dhammett]2,342 pounds 77 times
45.Bladesinger [dhammett]2,340 pounds 77 times
45.Sirin [arwen]2,340 pounds 78 times
46.Chareos [connovar]2,338 pounds 78 times
47.Zeven [omalin]2,337 pounds 78 times
48.Magical [havoc]2,335 pounds 76 times
49.Pippy Pendragon [dacinnaked]2,334 pounds 78 times
50.Ankhmahor [ankhmahor]2,333 pounds 78 times
51.Galderman [galderman]2,331 pounds 78 times
52.Kaia Silvat [meduwyn]2,328 pounds 78 times
53.Elrohir Singollo [Theodril]2,327 pounds 78 times
54.The Money Man [clubfinance]2,325 pounds 77 times
55.Llewellyn [taliesin]2,324 pounds 78 times
55.Silk [kbtegp]2,324 pounds 78 times
56.Trell Runnik [quaan]2,322 pounds 76 times
57.Bimbo [bibs]2,321 pounds 78 times
58.Krylinym [scarbrow]2,316 pounds 77 times
59.SCOUT [scout1idf]2,315 pounds 78 times
60.Yathir [ratchet5000]2,313 pounds 78 times
61.Allanon [dhammett]2,312 pounds 77 times
62.Trent [racey]2,311 pounds 76 times
63.Freyja [omalin]2,309 pounds 78 times
64.Cosmo [Kurland]2,308 pounds 78 times
64.Teras Kasi [dhammett]2,308 pounds 77 times
64.Tarl [neldor]2,308 pounds 77 times
65.Belladonna [belladonna]2,307 pounds 78 times
65.Jamie [glowworm]2,307 pounds 78 times
65.Colton [Narion]2,307 pounds 78 times
66.Axxera [lyrehc]2,305 pounds 77 times
67.Handfast [grimbold]2,301 pounds 77 times
68.Truestrike [truestrike]2,298 pounds 76 times
69.Kikirianu [nimue23]2,297 pounds 78 times
70.Quaan Mhoram [quaan]2,292 pounds 76 times
71.BigDrill [hairykeys]2,291 pounds 76 times
72.Halk [arthur]2,288 pounds 77 times
73.Mikel TirEnd [starman71]2,286 pounds 76 times
73.Dagashi [jmctitan]2,286 pounds 78 times
74.Snake [chanse]2,280 pounds 78 times
75.Brychan [taliesin]2,277 pounds 77 times
76.Carl [rjkellar]2,275 pounds 78 times
77.Mike [stirfry67]2,274 pounds 77 times
78.Kid NRoun [jesphulin]2,269 pounds 75 times
79.Teara [shadowblack]2,266 pounds 77 times
80.Zenri [swc200]2,263 pounds 77 times
81.Beth Draedon [donmoody]2,260 pounds 78 times
82.Mihalll [mihalll7]2,254 pounds 75 times
83.Jadix [Dizcor]2,252 pounds 78 times
84.Mokk [slothkinggre]2,240 pounds 77 times
85.Dyovan [embian]2,239 pounds 77 times
86.Benjamin [benhutch12]2,230 pounds 75 times
87.Melathor [coursms]2,228 pounds 77 times
88.Steven [ksuhart1]2,225 pounds 78 times
89.Ginevra [Narion]2,223 pounds 78 times
90.Flnor [kaffe]2,222 pounds 76 times
91.Ard [kaffe]2,220 pounds 76 times
92.Sigynna Oiorpata [denadein]2,196 pounds 75 times
93.Raincard [jimpos]2,195 pounds 76 times
94.Tanaka Khan [Carior]2,190 pounds 76 times
95.Andras [andurian]2,184 pounds 72 times
96.Xarantiroth [psychoadept]2,183 pounds 74 times
97.Aren Vork [quaan]2,181 pounds 73 times
98.Freakazoid [monstermashe]2,144 pounds 71 times
99.Qiang [jialian]2,130 pounds 72 times
100.Nimrod [killenthevil]2,125 pounds 72 times

Experience awards Edit

When the event ended, all participants were awarded General as well as AS&P XP based on the weight of their pumpkins.

The general XP reward was the same as the pumpkin weight, rounded to the nearest multiple of 16, while the AS&P reward was roughly 1/4 of the General one.

  • Weight 2316: 2304 General XP and 576 AS&P XP
  • Weight 2266: 2256 General XP and 560 AS&P XP
  • Weight 462: 448 General XP and 112 AS&P XP
  • Weight 254: 240 General XP and 64 AS&P XP

2011 Event Edit

Pumpkin growing contest Edit

The second edition of this contest was much like the previous year's. The contest began on Thursday, October 20, 2011 @ 8 PM (Eastern Time) and ran through Monday, October 31, 2011 @ 8 PM (Eastern Time).

The rules are the same, with two additions:

  • Each participant can water their pumpkin no more than 66 times.
  • You can only register for the contest (by purchasing a pumpkin) through Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 8 PM (Eastern Time).

This time, the GM didn't add the universal 4 AT reward for pumpkins of more than 250 pounds.

Watering options, cost, prizes and strategy remain the same, except you have to adjust for just 66 waterings, and you cannot hold on entering until the last moment.

Final Leaderboard (173 participants)
Final Leaderboard
PlaceAdventurerPumpkin WeightWatered
1.Ard [kaffe]1,959 pounds65 times
2.Kermit The Bold [youngned]1,927 pounds65 times
3.Beth Draedon [donmoody]1,913 pounds65 times
4.Hawk [oldschool]1,896 pounds65 times
5.Kalinor [DataShade]1,895 pounds65 times
6.Chareos [connovar]1,891 pounds65 times
7.Kaspian [memoryking]1,890 pounds65 times
8.Kaatje [jikate]1,886 pounds65 times
9.Ankhmahor [ankhmahor]1,878 pounds65 times
10.Steven [ksuhart1]1,873 pounds65 times
11.Bimbo [bibs]1,869 pounds65 times
11.Judge Fury [Badstench]1,869 pounds65 times
12.Blix [jackfrost65]1,867 pounds63 times
13.Salander [salander]1,863 pounds65 times
14.Lili Silvat [meduwyn]1,855 pounds65 times
15.Xarantiroth [psychoadept]1,853 pounds65 times
15.Chaos [draxas]1,853 pounds65 times
16.Lady Jemia [summermoon2]1,849 pounds65 times
17.Ecthelion [blackcrowe]1,842 pounds65 times
18.Gretten Bengaard [mahansolo]1,835 pounds64 times
19.Miyamoto Musashi [dushiro]1,834 pounds65 times
20.Flnor [kaffe]1,833 pounds65 times
21.Maximus [cddanforth]1,830 pounds65 times
22.Rhys [aevarni]1,827 pounds65 times
23.Javit [jediknurse]1,824 pounds64 times
24.Teras Kasi [dhammett]1,823 pounds65 times
24.Bellinea [primentor]1,823 pounds65 times
24.Zeven [omalin]1,823 pounds65 times
25.Silk [kbtegp]1,821 pounds65 times
26.Cyris [Cyris]1,820 pounds65 times
27.Neros [calor]1,819 pounds65 times
27.Omalin [omalin]1,819 pounds65 times
28.Durgin Nevermiss [Durgin]1,818 pounds62 times
29.Kestrall [kestrall]1,815 pounds64 times
30.Nathair Ap Dubh [Makhazarhael]1,811 pounds62 times
31.Allanon [dhammett]1,805 pounds65 times
32.Freyja [omalin]1,803 pounds65 times
33.Ares [OlympianZeus]1,799 pounds65 times
34.Benjamin [benhutch12]1,787 pounds64 times
35.Syleen [shadowblack]1,786 pounds65 times
35.Juliana [dragonian]1,786 pounds63 times
36.Spencer Lionking [Durgin]1,778 pounds63 times
37.Shadowblack [shadowblack]1,766 pounds65 times
38.Amir Hazr [psychoadept]1,764 pounds65 times
38.Russ Grimm [kaffe]1,764 pounds65 times
39.Fiora [roonygirl]1,763 pounds65 times
40.Elayna [raine]1,761 pounds65 times
41.Lancelot [texlaw1992]1,759 pounds65 times
42.Son Of Smurf [thorbold]1,754 pounds65 times
43.Feurrian [killenthevil]1,747 pounds65 times
43.SCOUT [scout1idf]1,747 pounds65 times
43.Cosmo [Kurland]1,747 pounds65 times
44.Garet Jax [dhammett]1,746 pounds65 times
45.Jessie [jessie]1,742 pounds65 times
46.Boe [cluff87]1,741 pounds65 times
47.Nynaeve [ethereal]1,739 pounds62 times
48.Sigynna Oiorpata [denadein]1,735 pounds60 times
48.Drape [drape]1,735 pounds65 times
49.Bartholomue [bartholomue]1,734 pounds63 times
50.VARSIL DEMONSOUL [blackcrowe]1,732 pounds64 times
51.Kyleni [nolly]1,729 pounds63 times
52.Vyllan [pilgrim]1,725 pounds62 times
53.Cu Chulainn [omalin]1,721 pounds65 times
53.Rhia [doolipalally]1,721 pounds64 times
54.Einin [einin]1,720 pounds65 times
55.Ishanna [lyrehc]1,717 pounds65 times
56.Kesren [korintko]1,713 pounds65 times
57.Maximus [danybanny]1,703 pounds62 times
58.Greygor [greygor]1,702 pounds62 times
59.Jadix [Dizcor]1,698 pounds63 times
60.RIft [rift120]1,695 pounds63 times
61.Teara [shadowblack]1,691 pounds65 times
62.Zedalion [sbmagle]1,674 pounds63 times
63.Bobertorby [vamps66062]1,667 pounds60 times
64.Bladesinger [dhammett]1,665 pounds65 times
65.Vylix [psychoadept]1,664 pounds65 times
66.Handfast [grimbold]1,663 pounds65 times
67.Sarenar [randy]1,660 pounds65 times
68.Heavens Raine [stonewitch]1,638 pounds61 times
69.Ton Varnik [superblindma]1,637 pounds59 times
70.Durge [racey]1,631 pounds58 times
70.XEBOR [quaan]1,631 pounds61 times
71.Sheara [shadowblack]1,630 pounds65 times
72.Jamie [glowworm]1,625 pounds59 times
73.Aren Vork [quaan]1,595 pounds61 times
74.Searat [Buckbeak]1,574 pounds55 times
74.Trent [racey]1,574 pounds58 times
75.Soroman [soroman]1,571 pounds60 times
76.Arakin [mercury]1,555 pounds57 times
77.Belladonna [belladonna]1,543 pounds61 times
78.Anri [kanex7]1,464 pounds53 times
79.DShar Lyrian [brewers19]1,417 pounds49 times
80.BillyDaKid [BillyDakid]1,410 pounds53 times
81.Kane [kanex7]1,403 pounds53 times
82.Brychan [taliesin]1,390 pounds48 times
83.Thordon [smv1973]1,244 pounds46 times
84.Solupus [frozbyte]1,178 pounds51 times
85.Kalliandra [lexi]1,096 pounds44 times
86.Alexander [ksuhart1]1,090 pounds41 times
87.Calde [calde]1,078 pounds37 times
88.Alanne [thinman]1,058 pounds41 times
89.Ginevra [Narion]1,012 pounds35 times
90.Mattis [mattius87]936 pounds65 times
91.Caetlyn [caetlyn]918 pounds34 times
92.Roy [kanex7]909 pounds61 times
93.Tao [kanex7]846 pounds33 times
94.Trell Runnik [quaan]800 pounds29 times
94.Dith [mrbrian92]800 pounds29 times
95.Myshella [ellis]691 pounds26 times
96.Bounty Hunter [BountyHunter]686 pounds23 times
97.Nolly [nolly]636 pounds21 times
98.Dane [tatedavid]612 pounds41 times
99.Aislinn [Aislinn]590 pounds21 times
100.Kadota [bcournoyer]578 pounds22 times
101.Izivol [memoryking]554 pounds20 times
102.Maria Ana [mel]549 pounds19 times
103.Jolee Barard [johnbarard]540 pounds28 times
104.Jeff II [armystrong9r]528 pounds30 times
105.Aiden [Aislinn]504 pounds17 times
106.Azazel [sandwizard]496 pounds61 times
107.Quaan Mhoram [quaan]495 pounds16 times
108.Epsilon [epsilon]487 pounds19 times
109.Bane Malfoy [redknight57]485 pounds28 times
110.Egwene AlVere [ethereal]470 pounds60 times
111.Casey [csm120]466 pounds17 times
112.Rand AlThor [ethereal]463 pounds60 times
113.Scott [ssellers03]453 pounds48 times
113.AlLan Mandragorn [ethereal]453 pounds60 times
114.Antumbra [stipple]353 pounds35 times
115.Spellhurler [karate]350 pounds16 times
116.MacFarlane [Holden]323 pounds12 times
117.Lady Of The Lake [kurtis]313 pounds60 times
118.Raincard [jimpos]312 pounds11 times
119.King Arthur [kurtis]309 pounds60 times
120.Kurtis [kurtis]306 pounds60 times
121.Cally [raid]304 pounds11 times
121.Greysan [greysan]304 pounds17 times
122.Sevilkon [sevilkon]301 pounds60 times
123.Talos [talos]295 pounds24 times
124.Karen [kurtis]288 pounds60 times
125.Esoteric [oldschool]279 pounds51 times
126.Rahenra [scarbrow]276 pounds25 times
127.Kaia Silvat [meduwyn]270 pounds10 times
128.Raven [exodus]263 pounds10 times
129.Voltan [oldschool]261 pounds51 times
130.Maressea [scarbrow]256 pounds25 times
131.Virago [oldschool]251 pounds51 times
132.Krylinym [scarbrow]229 pounds9 times
133.Angelique [lucky13th]228 pounds29 times
134.KragDan [taragon]207 pounds25 times
135.Jimihex [jimihex]199 pounds29 times
136.Blad [singingrhino]177 pounds7 times
136.ULRIC [scout1idf]177 pounds65 times
137.Allura [scout1idf]173 pounds65 times
138.Tramontaine [tramontaine]168 pounds6 times
139.Marden [meduwyn]163 pounds6 times
140.Arabel [scout1idf]158 pounds65 times
141.Tara [elvtara]143 pounds6 times
142.Qedet [sarieldi]141 pounds4 times
143.Octopus Doctor [hephaestus16]134 pounds4 times
144.Killjoy [Killjoy5]126 pounds6 times
145.Jayde [Sharvyn]107 pounds4 times
145.Valin Dupre [Skarnkai]107 pounds3 times
146.MrBlack [MrBlack]105 pounds3 times
147.Rain Edge [dman2life]91 pounds3 times
148.Rkngl [darkrkngl]88 pounds3 times
149.Aileonor [Aislinn]87 pounds3 times
150.Ashaundra [vivianehl]77 pounds4 times
151.Professor Lord [hephaestus16]70 pounds2 times
152.Ailyss [Aislinn]64 pounds3 times
153.Drainsth [drainsth]45 pounds1 time
154.Mal Vaar [dburgess]40 pounds3 times
155.Carl [rjkellar]36 pounds1 time
156.Ka Keng [kakeng]33 pounds1 time
157.Lyndoor [dthurmond]11 pounds1 time

Irongard Edit

The city of Irongard, with the associated The Pumpkin Stew and The Haunted Tower of Thorn Isle, were added. The special Halloween part is scheduled to last until November 30, 2011.

2012 Event Edit

Pumpkin growing contest Edit

The contest began on Thursday, October 11, 2012.
While likely just a typo, in Zumryn's famous battlegrounds it is listed as:
Pumpkin Growing Contest...
Special Halloween 2012 Event

But if you click on the Read the contest rules... option, it says:
Official Pumpking Growing Contest Rules

So perhaps a shadow of kings to come ...

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Hay maze Edit

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