Hall of Living Statues Replayable Scenario

Location: Your Residence
Description: The Hall of Living Statues lies tucked away within the depths of <Residence Name>. Broad, pillar-flanked alcoves surround the hall.
Reset time: Once per server day
Requirements: You must have a residence and renovate it before you can purchase this upgrade.

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: Every level of this upgrade allows you to fight your living statues once per day (max of 3, currently). Each time you access this special function it will be marked as having been used, even if you quit without saving your game.

General Information Edit

Upgrading the Hall increases the number of times you can fight. Upgrading the statues gives more XP for the same difficulty of fight. In addition to the xp per fight/statue after defeating all your statues a random amount of general xp is also awarded.

Statues Edit

There are six statues available for the hall. Each level of each statue costs 4 ATs, 40 Battle Markers, OR 2,000 gold.

  • Living Brigand Statue (9+ Scaled, 75 SP)
  • Living Goblin Statue (11+ Scaled, 75 SP)
  • Living Tzaril Statue (11+ Scaled, 100 SP)
  • Living Knight Statue (12+ Scaled, 100 SP)
  • Living Ogre Statue (12+ Scaled, 100 SP)
  • Living Troll Statue (12+ Scaled, 125 SP)

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