Sryth is a game in constant expansion. It also has a considerable amount of development history. This page aims to keep a record of that history.

Keep in mind that most of new development is only available to AG members, although there are also some updates available for all players. Also, some events are only available for a limited time

Game Updates by year Edit

These pages mirror the announcements of the GM puts out in the News & Announcements section of the main page, to avoid losing information about updates (there is an additional layer of redundancy on dedicated forum threads for Game Updates).

Although the start of the game in its current form can be dated back to 2004, the organized effort to keep the Game Updates on their original form started at some time in 2007, with older random bits here and there. So, while the updates should be complete from 2008 onwards, the older updates are probably fragmentary.

Given the lengths these pages of updates reach, they are split by years:

2004-2006 Edit

2007 Edit

  • Game Updates 2007
  • There was no dedicated forum thread for game announcements in 2007

2008 Edit

2009 Edit

2010 Edit

2011 Edit

2012 Edit

And still goes on...

Sryth's Development History Edit

This is a condensed history of updates to the game, to give a little perspective of how fast the development has gone, and how has the game grown.

To ascertain these dates, we have used the Game Updates (by year) pages with the original GM announcements and the dates of related threads in both the old and the new forum. Many of the old forum's sources were compiled into the Ancient History page. The old forum's records (however incomplete) start at around August 2004, and extends until June 2009, when the community switched to the new forum

Other ways to date things

You can use the Item ID and Game Section numbers to date quests and items.


Mists of time
  • The domain is registered under the GM's name from the year 2000, so he obviously had some plans in advance.
  • From one of the early interviews with the GM:
    • "The first beta for Sryth was launched in late 2002 and the game was officially live sometime in June of 2003. The game didn't truly enter into its current version until late 2004."
    • The very first content available in late 2002 was a small adventure that ended up with characters arriving at a small town on the western frontier of Tysa. When the game went officially live in 2003, the first content was the Village of Hawklor and the Caves of Westwold adventure.
Before forum records
  • Mechanics
    • Old Quick-combat mechanic. It was removed around the time The Murk was introduced
    • Combat had a single roll (with an image of a dice). The three attack options (normal, aggressive, defensive) was then a player's suggestion
    • The 10 basic powers were already in place
An example of "old map" navigation
  • From Hawklor:
    • Take the road heading north towards the city of Trithik...
      • Take the road west towards Westwold...
        • Follow the road northwest...
          • Investigate the cabin...


December 2003


  • RoL/MoD (see Death) were introduced during this year. Before them, in words of Havoc: "<...> it was much easier then, coz you only lost a certain fraction (about 1/4) of your xp each time you died. So all that you had to do was to keep your unspent xp low, by spending all the xp you collected. Then deaths were almost without penalty."
  • Before Trithik random encounters were added, the only replayable content were the explorable areas of "The Murk" and the woodlands around Hawklor.
August 2004
  • 25th - The Secret of Stoneback Hill released. It was the first paid module (3 US$), and the only new release since December 2003 (Tournament of Arms)
September 2004
  • Trithik random encounters added
  • 11th: The Hole (Trithik's gaol) added. Characters actually died in there.
  • The combat screen started to show the to-hit number.
  • The Axe of Bramble: At the time it was introduced, there was still no Weaponry:Hacking subskill
  • A Midday Encounter
October 2004
November 2004
December 2004
  • Talinus released. It included:
    • Hudlark the Fox
    • Salwyn the priest
    • A barmaid's honour
    • Captain Jodd Rolekst
    • A healing hand
    • Guardsmen vs. rogues (random encounters)
    • The juggler (random encounters)
    • The Mossy Hillside
  • 19th - Dusk Dragon Egg
  • A Cold Winter's Night - Christmas-themed adventure. At first it was limited-time.
  • At this time, the Murk still had the old layout, without a graphical map. The only graphical map at this moment was at Stoneback Hill
  • The Grimy Bottle (Old Quests) was still up the 24th.


January 2005
  • There was a limit of two characters per account (date of origin unknown)
  • BoP already in game, cost 100 gold
  • Starting Runes of Life increased to 10 (originally they were 3)
  • 16th - announcement of Startup Scenarios (AG only)
  • 29th - your dwelling in Trynd Keep (Trithik)
  • 29th - first recorded appearance of Borimm Locksong
  • First announcements of the Adventurers Guild
  • Announcement of Imbuable weapons/armor and related Icons
  • Announcement of Pre-Generated characters
  • Announcement of the GM's plan to make Sryth a full-time project
  • Goblin war plans were still live and you could tell Thane Quarith about it
February 2005
March 2005
April 2005
  • Announcement of features: Adventure Log.
  • The GM announced his intention of making Sryth a full-time project
September 2005
October 2005
November 2005
  • Quest:Sleepless Night - Halloween-themed adventure
  • Announcements of the new Travel system (which became the quadrants system of Tysa)
  • Starting Runes of Life increased to 20
  • Old Quests encounter at Hawklor who gave the Rogue, Mage or Warrior medallions was live
December 2005


January 2006
February 2006
  • 6th: New XP system introduced
    • Specific XP (before this, there was only General XP)
    • Combat XP divided among General and Specific for skills/powers used
  • 7th - Proving Grounds II started.
  • Reports (on the 28th) of the random encounter in Talinus with the war plans being removed
  • Reports of players having 4 characters
March 2006
April 2006
May 2006
July 2006
August 2006
  • 18th - Proving Grounds IV under way.
    • First one not to be a contest, and feature the modern ranks. 1st place 32AT. 28 tokens for 2nd. 26 tokens for 3rd. 22 tokens for 5th. 16 tokens for 7th Order, 8 tokens for 10th Order
    • The old leaderboard is still online.
  • 23th - Introduced Arcana specific XP rewards for identifying items
September 2006
  • Grinding month: New explore the realms at random encounters, including the Tears of Igranolt (max XP +3,072 General, with 2048 and 1024 appearing).
  • 5th - Rare and powerful items (that would later appear at A Haunting in Durnsig) start appearing when exploring.
  • 12th - First report of spider caves
  • 21th - Ezerok introduced.
  • 24th - Shadow Gates introduced
  • 25th - First report of Eye of the Sea in Port Hallik giving Seamanship skill.
  • 28th - Explore at Random limited to AG (maybe from some time ago)
  • At this moment, the woodlands around Trithik had already been removed.
October 2006
  • Mechanic to Flee before engaging some enemies added.
  • 17th - BoP nerfed to 2-3 rounds (previously it was up to 4)
  • 24th - Character Creation changed - bonus MR/SP based on stats.
  • 28th - PG IV Ended.
  • 29th - Quest:The Hunt for the Phantom Assassin started as a limited-time event - the special items could still be found (even more than one)
November 2006
  • 1st - Varkin's Trick Ring is reduced to 24 AT max (previously it was up to 64 AT)
  • 11th - A Haunting in Durnsig released, Ezerok removed for maintenance.
December 2006


January 2007
  • 4th: Milestone combat contest
  • 7th - First announcements about "the Chronicles of Runeskin"
  • 13th - Referral system still in place (receive Sryth Bonus Points for referring a player who later became AG)
  • 17th - Mezaryl on Blade Square
  • 21th - Dor-Droat live.
  • 27th - First "There are/were other adventurers here..." links.
  • 27th - Weaponry subskills special effects (extra MR for a round, at random, from level 30 onwards)
February 2007
March 2007
  • New Adventurer Rank (old style - see here)
  • Reports of Arkrol the Familiar Keeper in the Adventurers' Collective - loose end
  • 2nd - Quest:The Gallows
  • 3rd - First scheme of Sryth Bonus Points - it was an advertising scheme - signing up for offers, surveys and such, and was quickly taken offline.
  • 11th - Announcement of original Sryth Bonus Point exchange program (for donations): "The reward for each $10 donation is going to be 400 Sryth Bonus Points (SBP for short). 1 SBP can be traded in for 8 Experience or 16 Gold. 25 SBP can be traded in for 1 Adventurer Token. An interface will be provided so you can trade in your SBP in any manner you see fit"
  • 12th - Quest:A Helping Hand released
  • 14th - End of Proving Grounds IV
  • 16th - Donation system is live.
  • 18th - Quest:Late One Afternoon released
  • 25th - Tallys had 248 items already
  • 28th - Records of an hotel in Kolnia where you could recover 8 SP for 1 gold out of the Resting mechanic
April 2007
  • Runeskin month: Originally the village of Silverwysp was a big battlefield, almost like an early Multiplayer scenario. You could win additional Small Black Gems in combat with the immortal Runeskin's harbingers you defeated (or not) on the Runeskin prelude scenarios.
    • Zones
      • Silverwysp was split into four "battle zones":
        • The Scrub Forest
        • The Area North Of The Village
        • The Area South Of The Village
        • The Area East Of The Village
      • Each zone had a counter for the amount of enemies of a certain kind. Example:
        • The Scrub Forest: This area is firmly controlled by the defenders of Silverwysp
          • Goblins - No discernible change in the number of goblins in the scrub forest. The area remains devoid of them.
          • Trolls - No discernible change in the number of trolls in the scrub forest. The area remains devoid of them.
          • Undead - No discernible change in the number of undead in the scrub forest. The area remains devoid of them.
    • Valour
      • There was a leaderboard for Valour.
      • Valour was earned by having the most fights without rest
      • There was a serious flaw in the system, allowing to rest and restock on BoP. Because of this, several players managed to get so ahead of the rest, that when the system was fixed there was no way to reach them. This was the main cause of the removal of the system
  • During this month there were several changes to the graphical map, making its size to depend on Thievery/Woodsmanship levels, starting by 4x4 and growing up to 7x7 for Thievery 70.
  • 3rd: Only two adventures in Silverwisp
  • 4th: Three more appeared. Also, the Valour leaderboard was disabled, becoming a loose end.
  • 25th: Quest:The Demonscourge - Part II - The Unknown Halls already up.
May 2007
  • 15th: One of Three released
  • 21th: Runeskin's last scenario released
June 2007
  • Release of the combat styles: Aggresive, Normal, Defensive
  • 16th: Official date for Sryth becoming the GM's full-time job
  • 16th: Change of game's server.
  • 17th: announcement of Proving Grounds V and Shadow Magic
  • The GM awarded 2000 Sryth Bonus Points (80 Adventure Tokens) to one player among those who provided interesting testimonials of the game (the ones that are shown on main page). The winner was the player Karate. it was a drawing, Sryth's first AT raffle, in a way.
  • 17th: Festival of Blades announced.
  • 20th: A Prince Uncrowned (Runeskin's rewards) released.
  • 22th: First appearance of the small windowless building with a blue door.
  • 27th: Dragongem Items appear at Tallys.
  • 30th: Festival of Blades in preparations, Mezaryl starts exchanging Iakor's Weapons for Shimmering Silver ones.
July 2007
  • Player suggestions regarding higher rewards for bigger donations.
  • 1st: Blightroot already up (Old quest related to FoB)
  • 5th: Originally there was going to be just the Green Moon Tower. Then the three runners-up also got residences.
  • 7th: The GM randomly selected 3 FoB players to get 2000 Sryth Bonus Points: The winners were stirlock, sunwukong and scionist.
  • 8th: Unarmed Combat changed, from +1 to +4 each level increment (at +4 and +0, as current)
  • 12th: The Stonehills released
  • 14th: Joruspur's Task released
  • 20th: Shadow Magic nerfed to current state: For a while, since its release, it was both increasing your MR and your hit roll and healing you. The intended state was that just one of the effects was to be activated each time.
  • 25th: Quest:Into the Cellar (Deepwell) added
  • 26th: Meglasmire added
August 2007
  • The starting items for an AG character were a well-crafted splint helm (+6 SP) and a superior longsword (+3 MR)
  • 7th: Quickstone available at a discount price of 64 AT, 10k gold. Just 1 heal a day
  • 9th: The Road to Talinus: Shaking Pursuit scenario of PG V released
  • 10th - Quickstone price increased to the current one
  • 12th: The Ruins of Yir-Tanon released
  • 12th: Havoc reports having Destruction 99
  • The Depths of Longlight live
  • 21th: Quest:Trouble in Werrit released
  • 25th: A new mission for the Thane. What one?
  • 28th Axepath Cemetery released
  • 28th: Havoc becomes Sryth's first Legend at Destruction 100
September 2007
October 2007
  • 2nd: First Glowing Goblin appearance
  • 2nd: "Explore the city streets" in Trithik added
  • 8th: Larger Sryth Bonus Points rewards for higher donations announced - top tier at 300+
  • 8th: Irzynn the Outfitter added to the game
  • 16th: The Tome of Forgotten Lore is live
  • 17th: Goblindoom and the Adventurers Ring released.
  • The Bat Cave is live
  • 28th: Tarkhald Crypt released.
  • 31th: Wurmwrit's Farm and Quest:Murilmyr's Hunt released as Halloween-themed adventures
December 2007


January 2008
February 2008
March 2008
April 2008
May 2008
June 2008
July 2008
August 2008
September 2008
October 2008
  • 6th: First scenario of the Proving Grounds VI released
  • 8th: Gold cap announced
  • 12th: Tallys' Raffles/Banderyp's Loot released
  • 12th: Announcements of Tarramyre battles of Saving screens
  • 12th: Glittering Ice Shield starts to melt
  • 12th: Absolute timer added to the FoD
  • 12th: Announcements of 'The Saarn Howl' and 'Shrine Isle' parts of PG VI, The Curse of Talderus Redborn and a new version of the Adventurer log (the last one is still delayed as of the start of 2012)
  • 14th: Mezaryl can now swap the special bonuses of The Altar of Malice
  • 19th: 'Welcome to Shrine Isle' scenario of PG VI released
  • 24th: The Redwolf of Sageholt released. New multiplayer mechanics of devastating blows for characters fighting without powers.
  • 30th: Return of the Glowing Goblin
November 2008
  • 3rd: Anti-scripting measures, a new TOS agreement forbidding them. First official policy against them.
  • 6th: Ildraria multiplayer battle released
  • 12th: Border Rangers Guild released
  • 16th: "To The Ruins" scenario of PG VI released
  • 23th: "The Battle for The Shrine" scenario of PG VI released
  • 23th: Border Rangers Guild expanded to level 4
  • 29th: Vault of the Iron Dragon released
December 2008


January 2009
  • Redesign of the site with the new logo
  • 4th: Fogbough Forest announced
  • 12th: New shop interface
  • 13th: "The Path to Kardsen - Part 1" from PG VI released.
  • 18th: Tasserik "The Golden Knight" is at The Stoneback Tavern in Hawklor and it is related to the adventure that introduces us to Thymbrak and the Dreadstones at the Goblinclaw Inn
  • 21th: A Rough Night in the Stoneback released
  • 22th: The Merchant of Bones released
  • 29th: Faradmyn starts selling residences
February 2009
March 2009
April 2009
May 2009
June 2009
July 2009
  • 2nd: "The Ghost Patrol" scenario of PG VI released
  • 7th: The first Stone Hurl Challenge starts
  • 9th: Sryth Newsletter #1, including the official announcement of the new Sryth Forum
  • 11th: Added "The Silent Temple" scenario to "The Lords of Ogredom". Required the Bowl of Blood and the Blood-Red Stone Key
  • 16th: Introducing the "Copper-Emblazoned collection" at Tallys
  • 20th: New option of starting a Challenge at a higher level or at level 1
August 2009
September 2009
October 2009
November 2009
December 2009


January 2010
  • "The Chasm of Time, Part V: Four Against The World" scenario of PG VI announced
  • Still more news and announcements about the Tome of Attainment. First announced release date: February 15
  • 6th: New scenario of the Oakaruk/Runeskin saga. Which one?
  • 13th: New Scenario in Hawklor. Which one?
  • 21th: A Marked Champion released.
  • 31th: The Obelisk of Winter returns for two weeks
February 2010
March 2010
  • 2nd: Start of the Battle Markers currency: at first they were only winnable through multiplayers
  • 10th: Expansion of the Battle Markers: added to Axepath, Tarn and Yir-Tanon
  • 12th: Another scenario of PG VI released
  • 14th: Battle Marker rewards doubled for two days
  • 24th: Second appearance of Urumyr in Zumryn's Battlegrounds
  • 26th: Battle Marker rewards doubled for two days
  • 27th: First of the Battle Marker Raffles, Tarlaro's Raffle
April 2010
  • 1st: April Fools 2010 Event released for a very limited time.
  • 6th: Tarlaro starts selling her elixirs
  • 10th: Next-to-last scenario of PG VI released
  • 18th: A stranger in the streets of Trithik
  • 24th: "A Visit", the final scenario of PG VI, released
May 2010
June 2010
July 2010
August 2010
September 2010
October 2010
November 2010
December 2010


January 2011
February 2011
March 2011
April 2011
May 2011
June 2011
July 2011
August 2011
September 2011
October 2011
November 2011
December 2011

2012 Edit

January 2012
February 2012
March 2012
April 2012
May 2012
June 2012
July 2012
August 2012
September 2012
October 2012
November 2012
December 2012

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