The Sryth Gamemaster, affectionately referred to as the GM, is the creator, writer, programmer and maintainer of this game. His real name is Matthew Yarrows. From the middle of year 2007, Sryth has been his full-time job. You can see how much he's developed it in Game Updates.

You can learn a lot about the GM in Questions for the GM, where he has been so kind as to answer a lot of questions from players.

In-game Edit

The general opinion is that the Man in the Leather Hat you can often encounter around the realm is none other than the GM himself.

Contacting the GM Edit

The GM can be contacted at {{#NewWindowLink: | }}. Although he is very happy to receive feedback about the game (and usually replies quite promptly), he can't possibly answer all email personally (although he does, surprisingly often).

Please make sure you write a {{#NewWindowLink: | meaningful Subject line }}.

Questions Edit

If you have a question about the game you should first search the wiki and then (if you don't find your answer) visit the {{#NewWindowLink: | forum }}. You should make a quick search before you ask in the {{#NewWindowLink: | help section }}. The GM doesn't usually answer game-related questions.

Bugs/Problems Edit

If you plan to contact him for a bug/problem, you should preferably use the in-game reporting tool (the "Send a Report" link that is always in the bottom right of the game screen). That way, he will know about the game section you're in and what account you are using (that implies he will also know your email address to answer, if he decides to). You should, however, inform him specifically of what character you are having a problem with, since the reporting tool doesn't tell characters apart.

Give as much information as possible, including what were you doing at the time of the problem, and your browser version.

The GM often corrects typos/bugs without specifically answering the player(s) who reported them.

Suggestions/Feedback Edit

About suggestions, you're free to contact the GM, but you should try the {{#NewWindowLink: | Suggestions }} section of the forum first. There you can discuss your suggestion with other players - some of them more experienced than you - and they can often tell you if it's a good idea, or even if it has already been suggested and/or rejected in the past. For historical suggestions, see {{#NewWindowLink: | old forum's }} and {{#NewWindowLink: | new forum's }} Suggestions sections.

Forum/Wiki Edit

The GM is not involved with the forum and/or wiki's administration at all. They are completely fan-operated and separate sites. Also, he doesn't usually check them for player feedback. If you want to contact him you should do it directly.

For any forum problems, contact the {{#NewWindowLink: | forum staff }}. For wiki problems contact Psychoadept (if unavailable, default to forum staff).

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