This is the second part of the mythical Festival of Blades. It was announced on November 20, 2011.

It's going to take place in Zumryn's Battlegrounds.

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Qualification Edit

The qualifying event, "The Gauntlet", went live on November 30, 2011 and remained open until December 24, 2011

 The Gauntlet (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Zumryn's Battlegrounds
Description: "Through there is what I call 'The Gauntlet'," Zumryn says, smiling, as if taking great pride in the name. "If you make it through and find your way back out, you'll be eligible to be selected for the tournament field..."
Requirements: None
Difficulty: MR 125+ recommended
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: Related to Festival of Blades II

The Leaderboard Edit

The leaderboard became available for seeing on 5 December 2011, as well as the rules. Initially there were 32 spots, although that was quickly increased to 64, and finally to 128. Since the Festival of Blades is supposed to run a round of confrontations each day, that means it will last for 8 days.

Final Tournament Roster
1Trent374275Elder Spirit Blade (V)
2Garet Jax369275Elder Spirit Blade (V)
3Beth Draedon366267Elder Spirit Blade (V)
4Sigynna Oiorpata362273Abyssal Blade of Darkness
5Bounty Hunter357270Elder Spirit Blade (V)
6Zedalion356270Elder Spirit Blade (V)
7Vyllan356260Abyssal Axe of Darkness
8Greygor336255Shadowfire Axe (Diamond)
9Thordon331296Abyssal Axe of Darkness
10Judge Fury325251Elder Spirit Blade (V)
11Lancelot322262Elder Spirit Blade (V)
12Ankhmahor322246Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
13Spencer Lionking322230Elder Spirit Blade (V)
14Lady Jemia316253Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
15Nathair Ap Dubh315253Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
16Trogg314257Shadowfire Axe (Diamond)
17Hawk309231Elder Spirit Blade (V)
18Handfast293245Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
19Nolly288228Abyssal Blade of Darkness
20BillyJoeBob287216Bloodrune War Axe (V)
21Cosmo285251Sword of Blessed Night
22Black Nightshade286232Abyssal Blade of Gloom
23BillyDaKid284230Bloodrune Longsword (V)
24Jadix280247Bloodrune Longsword (V)
25Myshella270235Shimmering Silver Longsword
26Gravegorel270216Bloodrune Longsword (V)
27Chareos267260Skyrage Hammer
28Blix267233Gorapthor's Dragonmaul
29Rhia266234Sword of Seven Flames
31Marissa263224Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
33Bellinea258250Shimmering Silver Longsword
34Silk258240Shimmering Silver Longsword
35Valin Dupre259216Sword of Blessed Night
36Chaos254237Bloodrune Trident (V)
37Ecthelion253236Shimmering Silver Longsword
38Durge253225Shimmering Silver Longsword
39Bane Malfoy251229Shimmering Silver Mace
41Kestrall248243Shimmering Silver Longsword
42Arakin249215Gorapthor's Dragonmaul
43Flnor248229Bloodrune Longsword (V)
45Bladesinger246234Shimmering Silver Dagger
49Ard244229Shimmering Silver Longsword
50Steven243237Shimmering Silver Longsword
51DeathAll244217Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
52Teras Kasi243235Shimmering Silver Longsword
53Casey244208Bloodrune Longsword (V)
54Allanon242236Shimmering Silver Mace
55Kaspian242227Shimmering Silver Longsword
56Russ Grimm242211Shimmering Silver Axe
57Mal Vaar241210Bloodrune Maul (V)
58Calde239240Shimmering Silver Longsword
59Tanaka Khan239232Unarmed
60Salander238243Shimmering Silver Longsword
61Aren Vork240202Gorapthor's Avenger
62Ares236230Shimmering Silver Longsword
63The One237201Elder Spirit Blade (IV)
64Benjamin235210Shimmering Silver Longsword
65VARSIL DEMONSOUL234224Iakor's Deathblade
66Raincard235201Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
67Feurrian231218Shimmering Silver Longsword
68Belladonna228209Shimmering Silver Longsword
69Jessie228198Shimmering Silver Longsword
70Bimbo226228Shimmering Silver Longsword
71Durgin Nevermiss225207Shimmering Silver Longsword
73Solupus224212Trielra's Staff
74Hyperdude224206Shimmering Silver Longsword
75Carl222224Shimmering Silver Longsword
76Brychan221221Shimmering Silver Longsword
77RIft222193Shadowfire Sword (Diamond)
78Yathir221210Shimmering Silver Longsword
79Epsilon221187Bloodrune Battlestaff (V)
80Kermit The Bold218247Shimmering Silver Longsword
82Ka Keng217231Shimmering Silver Longsword
83Ashaundra218203Shadowfire Sword (Ruby)
84Kryss217199Iakor's Deathblade
85Antumbra216218Shimmering Silver Longsword
86DShar Lyrian216203Abyssal Blade of Darkness
87Freyja215220Shimmering Silver Longsword
88Tharvald215214Shimmering Silver Longsword
89Zeven215214Shimmering Silver Spear
90Searat216189Rapier of Vigour
91Ton Varnik216191Elder Spirit Blade (IV)
92Sevilkon215205Shimmering Silver Longsword
93Colton214212Shimmering Silver Longsword
94Jon Creed214209Shimmering Silver Longsword
95Sonya214201Blade of Astounding Might
96Oldoneeye213190Shimmering Silver Longsword
97Kyleni211214Shimmering Silver Mace
98Rkngl211206Shimmering Silver Longsword
99Nynaeve210185Sword of Blessed Night
100Curunir208209Shimmering Silver Longsword
101Ishanna209183Elder Spirit Blade (V)
104Tara206191Shimmering Silver Longsword
105Javit205202Shimmering Silver Longsword
106Octopus Doctor205206Shimmering Silver Longsword
107Boe204213Trielra's Staff
108Miyamoto Musashi201201Shimmering Silver Longsword
109Zmflavius200205Shimmering Silver Longsword
110Jayde199191Shimmering Silver Longsword
111Gretten Bengaard197208Shimmering Silver Longsword
112Aracelis196217Shimmering Silver Longsword
113Jazz196201Shimmering Silver Longsword
114KragDan196181Abyssal Blade of Darkness
115Maximus194184Shimmering Silver Longsword
116Niamh193202Shimmering Silver Longsword
117Aerin192208Shimmering Silver Longsword
118Grettir192209Shimmering Silver Longsword
119Elayna192190Shimmering Silver Longsword
120Fiora191192Trielra's Staff
121Cu Chulainn191197Trielra's Staff
122Lou Cypher191188Shimmering Silver Axe
123Adrimeyer190193Shimmering Silver Spear
124Phaedre189196Shimmering Silver Longsword
125Kallath190181Shimmering Silver Longsword
126Trader Vic189184Shimmering Silver Longsword
127Alexander190163Shimmering Silver Longsword
128Omalin187202Shimmering Silver Mace

Development Edit

The starting date of the Festival of Blades is yet undisclosed

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