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Identifying Unidentified ObjectsEdit

How can I identify objects? Edit

If you are a non-AG player, the only way to identify objects is with level 30 Arcana.

If you are an AG player, you can identify it with level 30 Arcana OR go to a sage such as Elumyr in Hawklor or Lady Cirenea in Mirgspil and pay them 25 gold coins to identify all your items.

See Arcana for instructions on how to get this skill.

How do I use Arcana?Edit

Go to any SAFE location and select Arcana from the drop-down box and then USE (or click Use near to the name of the skill in the Skills tab).

Dwellings Edit

What dwellings are available? Edit

One in Durnsig, the other in Trithik, and you can buy a special Dwelling From Faradmyn the State Merchant in Talinus.

How do I get the dwelling in Trithik? Edit

You need to complete The Secret of Stoneback Hill

Powers Edit

If you start off with no power, can you get one in the game? Edit

You will first need to have 13 in Aura, 12 in Mind and 10 in Spirit. You can increase your Stats for free in the game by consuming the Elixir Of The Torrent and completing Return to Castle Baleward, options like Gilbornn and Tarlaro require a fair amount of AT. You can also get a power from Proving Grounds V: The Silver Crest, which will push your stats to their required levels. From that moment, you'll be able to buy more (See Powers). It's still not recommended to use a character that is unable to start with magic, since his/her Exp Bonus to Powers will probably be very low. See Character Creation

Selling items Edit

Where's the best place to sell items? Edit

See Item Selling Guide

Where should I sell unique weapons? Edit

Bryniver's in Trithik, Blade Square. But selling unique weapons is not always a good idea, as they may turn out to be needed later in the game.

Miscellaneous Edit

May I boost my baseline stat using items, to meet my weapon requirement? Edit

(Example: Exalted Diamond Longsword requires 10 agility, but you only have 7 and use a ring to boost it to 10)

Yes you can. You can even unequip those stat-boosting items once you have the weapon equipped.

How are the Hall of Champions scores worked out? Edit

See Hall of Champions

What is the use of Alignment? Edit

Currently none, but see Alignment for the axis.

As a Non-Subscriber, I find that I get logged out sometimes, why? Edit

In the Fall of 2008, the GM introduced an automatic log out for non-AG members. The log out is based on continuous idle time. If you go over 8 hours without activity on the Sryth game interface, you will shortly thereafter have an automatic log out.

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