Ezerok is an elemental being of great power. You could find him at Explore the realms at random. There is a related {{ #NewWindowLink: | old forum thread }}.

It was first reported on September 21, 2006. The encounter was removed for maintenance on November 11, 2006. It reappeared around Halloween 2008 until the end of the year. It is unknown if (and when) will be again available. The Ezerok mechanic is still live, although only for the characters who had the encounter on its time. As such, its is a longstanding loose end.

When you could find his campfire, you could use Elementalism (40+ required, no hint) to invoke Ezerok. the you would need to fight him. It was reportedly 4+ at MR 135 (which at the time was A LOT). The combat gave a lot of XP: (example: 393 xp applied to general, 632 xp applied to Unarmed Combat)

After defeating him, he would offer you to go into his "flock"

  • If you accepted, you got
  • If you refused, he would go, only to return later in your dreams (see below)

After invoking and defeating him, no matter if you accepted or refused, you would have nightmares when you rest. This encounter varies from quite common to extremely rare.

  • If you were one of his followers and your alignment had changed from Demonic, he would set it at Demonic again. Then you would lose all but 1 SP
  • If you refused he would set a demon on you. 3+ at MR 133

On several installments of the Questions for the Gamemaster, the GM considered expanding this mechanic and making Ezerok a counterpart and enemy of the great warrior spirit Palk

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