Explore the Old North Wood Explorable Area

Route: Your journey takes you from Northwest Tysa directly to The Old North Wood
Description: A heavy, eerie silence hangs over the gloomy, decaying wood. Now and again, the distant, chilling sound of some strange forest creature reaches your ears as you move through the thick, tangled maze of towering, rotting hardwoods.
Base explorations: 20
Bonus explorations:

Woodsmanship: Level/10, rounded down

Max explorations: 40
Reset time: 30 minutes


The Old North Wood used to be an "old-style" explorable area similar to "Explore the realms at random", "Have a random encounter here", and Tarkhald Crypt. On 12 June 2010 it was updated and now uses the new exploration mechanics.

Old Mechanics Edit

You can explore as many times as you like. The deeper you go, the more probable is to find an enemy or an interesting encounter. You can exit safely from wherever you are, after a 1-100 random check + Mind*0,5 + Spirit*0,5 + Luck*0,25 (34 is a win). If you fail the roll, you will need to continue to explore (or visit a previously discovered location) 6 times before you can try to exit again.

The levels of deepness and how many explorations you need to pass from one to the next are:

  • Just a little way (initial)
  • Quite a ways (10 explorations)
  • Deep (15 explorations)
  • Very Deep (20 explorations)
  • Dangerously deep (25 explorations). There is no deeper than this.

Encounters Edit

Regular Encounters Edit

There are various creatures with varying strength that can be encountered when exploring the forest: Jadefang Ants, Barkback Beetles, Dhormuks, etc. Because this area is open to all players, many enemies are rather weak, but some others are pretty strong. They also have a wide range of SP, from ~35 to ~200 SP.

  • Armoured Scavenger (9+ at MR ??-79 Approx, ?? SP)
  • 2 Armoured Scavengers (9+ at MR ??-79 Approx, ?? SP)
  • Barkback beetle (9+ at MR ??-57 Approx, ~100 SP)
  • Cave Goblin (9+ at MR ??-79 Approx, ?? SP)
  • Forest Trolls 4+ at MR 70
  • Hylbor beetle (9+ at MR ??-57 Approx, 36 SP)
  • Lesser Dormuk (9+ at MR 58-60 Approx, ?? SP)
  • Dhormuk (9+ at MR 71-72 Approx, ~120 SP), you have to attack 2 times before you can flee
  • 2 Dhormuk (9+ at MR 76-80 Variable, ~140 SP), special attack ~12 damage, you have to attack 2 times before you can flee
  • 3 Dhormuk (9+ at MR 81-82 Approx, ~140 SP)
  • 4 Dhormuk (9+ at MR 86-87 Approx, ?? SP)
  • Greater Dhormuk (9+ at MR 85-86 Approx, ?? SP)
  • 3 Greater Dhormuk (9+ at MR 99 Exact, ~190 SP)
  • Ancient Dhormuk (9+ at MR 124-?? Approx, ~250 SP), can resist some powers - The strongest known enemy

A Dark Cave Edit

Main article: A Dark Cave

Adrimar Edit

"Something looms into view through the trees ahead..."

Main article: Adrimar's Task

Noted Locations Edit

The Jadefang Lair Edit

"You spot something through the trees ahead..."

Main article: The Jadefang Lair

The Moss-Covered Idol Edit

"A tall, mossy shape looms out of the trees ahead..."

Main article: 7 Goblins Epilogue

A Mossy Cave Edit

"You're standing before the moss-covered mouth of a cave..."

Main article: Zirigil's Path

Limited Time Encounters Edit

An Ancient Ring of Stones Edit

"At the edge of wide belt of towering hardwoods, you discover what you've been searching for." When you first find this location, it is marked and you can return to it at any time. You discover this location during the 2010 Adventurer Appreciation Month event. See An Ancient Ring of Stones for details.

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