Explore a Tangled Bog Explorable Area

Route: Explore the Jagged Hills
Description: You discovered this tangled mire while exploring the Jagged Hills. Strange gurgling noises can be heard rising out of the pools of murky water that serve to make navigating this bog an extremely treacherous undertaking...
Base explorations: 20
Bonus explorations:

Woodsmanship: Level/10, rounded down

Max explorations: 30
Reset time: 30 minutes
Requirements: A variety of events and encounters from the Jagged Hills and Saarngard Keep. See Exploring Saarngard Isle for details.
Note: The full name of this area is Explore a Tangled Bog in the Jagged Hills


Your exploration of the vast and tangled mire is brought to an abrupt halt when the sound of something moving out of the nearby undergrowth sends your pulse racing...

List of encounters:

  • Nothing
  • 1-3 Dragon Beetles
  • 1-4 Blood Grubs
  • Carnage Crawler
  • 1-3 Dhormuk
  • 1-3 Greater Dhormuk
  • 1-5 Tusk Terrors
  • 1-4 Blood Thieves

There may be some enemies not on the list.


You explore far and wide across the vast and tangled mire, but discover nothing of any significant interest.

An Underground LairEdit

This is a noted location.


Map An Underground Lair


  • E Entrance/exit
  • T Tzaril (and his human companion)
  • C Construct
  • P Closed Portal
  • IP Iron Plate (map of Saarngard Isle)
  • EIP Engraved Iron Plate (drawing)
  • G Silver Mesh Gauntlets
  • L Lever

The only enemies you will encounter here are:

  • Sword-Wielding Tzaril (9+ at MR ??-109 Approx, 132 SP, 17+ XP), you gain the xps regardless of whether you wound him first or not, or whether you subdue or kill him. He drops his Longsword (well-crafted).
  • If you flee from the Sword-Wielding Tzaril you get nothing and you will not encounter him again
  • +8 Telekinesis experience or +16 Archery experience if used to wound the Sword-Wielding Tzaril
  • 5, Stone and Metal Construct (9+ at MR 110-111 Approx, 377-395 SP, 65 XP), can cause 35 SP damage
  • 128 general experience for opening the stone portal
  • 4, Stone and Metal Construct (9+ at MR ??-106 Approx, 367-384 SP, 65-66 XP), they can increase their MR. MR boost observed; 3 times in 19 rounds, 2 times in 12 rounds and 9 times in 26 rounds.
  • 24 experience to Telekinesis (70+)/Shadow Magic (70+)/Illusion (70+) if used against the four Constructs (you get rid of 2 of them)
  • Lore (x0.25), Arcana (x0.25) and Diplomacy (x0.25) help if you attempt to convince the four Constructs that you mean them no harm
  • 64 general experience for successfully convincing the four Constructs (you get rid of two of them)

In order to open the Stone Portal, you will need to position both levers on the map up and then equip the silver mesh gauntlets, so it's required that you defeat all constructs in the lair in order to get to the gauntlets.

The four Constructs you encounter after opening the portal are a bit weaker than the ones you encounter earlier - they are all 3+ with MR 119. However they have one particularly dangerous ability - they can increase their MR. So if the fight lasts long enough they can turn from 3+ into 18+ enemies. Fortunately the use of this ability seems very rare. It is unknown if the Constructs you meet earlier have the same ability. If you directly fight them you have to defeat three of them (the fourth collapses without a fight)

  • +4 experience to Divination (40+)/Thievery (40+)/Lore (40+)/Arcana (40+) if used to determine whether the throne is dangerous or not
  • 1024 general experience and a vision regardless of whether you sit on the throne or not
  • 1024 general experience and 256 to all skills and powers if you sit on the throne
  • Platinum Star Coin (the fourth one)
  • 1024 general experience and 384 to all skills and powers after reporting to Thane Pyrond your findings

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