Explore Fang Ridge Explorable Area

Route: Your journey takes you from Western Tysa, through Trithik to Fang Ridge
Description: From nearly any point amidst this region of tangled forest and steep hills, the line of obelisks that stretch into the sky from atop the back of Fang Ridge can be easily spotted.
Base explorations: 20
Bonus explorations:

Woodsmanship: Level/10, rounded down

Max explorations: 30
Reset time: 30 minutes


It was introduced on the 22nd of April 2009, but was not announced in the news.

Encounters Edit

When exploring this area you can encounter the following:

  1. Nothing
  2. A group consisting of 1 to 4 of the following creatures:
    • Armoured Scavengers
    • Jadefang Ants
    • Hylbor Beetles
    • Forest Worms
    • Cave Goblins
    • Leafy Prowler
  3. An 'X' painted in blood on the bark of a tree. You can encounter these carvings multiple times, and each time the tree is different. (Trees include "a towering ash", "a majestic oak", and "a young maple".) It is currently unknown what the significance (if any) of these carvings is.
  4. A pack of 23 Hylbor Beetles - you can flee or fight them.
    • If you choose to fight them you will fight several battles, and you can use Restoration after each battle.
      • 2 Hylbor Beetles (9+ at MR ??-42 Approx, 57 SP, 1 combat XP)
      • 3 Hylbor Beetles (9+ at MR ??-42 Approx, 67 SP, 1 combat XP)
      • 4 Hylbor Beetles (9+ at MR ??-42 Approx, 83 SP, 1 combat XP)
      • 5 Hylbor Beetles (9+ at MR 47 Exact, 65 SP, 2 combat XP)
      • 6 Hylbor Beetles (9+ at MR 56-57 Approx, 69 SP, 3 combat XP)
      • 3 Hylbor Beetles (9+ at MR 36-37 Approx, 44 SP, 1 combat XP)
    • Rewards: 16 XP applied to general if you kill the entire pack
  5. A Dark Cave - see its page for details and rewards
  6. A pack of 11 wolves:
    • If you try to run - you get bonuses from Woodsmanship (x0.25), Agility, Body and Spirit (x0.5), and you need 100+ to succeed. If you fail you are forced to fight
    • If you choose to fight, or if you fail to get away, you must fight several battles, and you can't flee, nor can you heal between battles:
      • Large Black Wolf (9+ at MR ??-51 Approx, 62 SP, 1 combat XP), can't FLEE
      • 2 Large Black Wolves (9+ at MR 55-56 Approx, 72 SP, 1 combat XP), can't FLEE
      • 3 Large Black Wolves (9+ at MR 60-61 Approx, 81 SP, 1 combat XP), can't FLEE
      • 4 Large Black Wolves (9+ at MR 65-66 Approx, 100 SP, 1 combat XP), can't FLEE
      • Massive Black Wolf (9+ at MR 70-71 Approx, 116 SP, 17+ combat XP), "The savage bite of your enemy tears into your flesh" for 8-14 damage, can't FLEE(~33 XP w/out Powers)
    • Rewards: 256 XP applied to general after killing the wolves, and then you find a letter painted in blood. It is the first letter from your character's name so it varies between characters

Noted Locations Edit

A Dark Hole in the Forest Floor Edit

Main article: Quest:To Light the Way

A Three-Eyed Stone Idol Edit

Spoiler Information
Using 3 Blue Stone Orbs at the Three-Eyed Stone Idol gives a random experience reward of 256/384/512/768/1024 XP to All Skills and Powers

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