Explore Ashlyre Explorable Area

Route: Your journey takes you from Western Tysa, through Fogbough Forest to Ashlyre
Description: Sitting only a stone's throw from the eastern edge of the cursed forest of Fogbough, there's no telling what you might find in or around the town of Ashlyre...
Base explorations: 20
Max explorations: 30
Reset time: 30 minutes

While exploring Ashlyre you may encounter the following:

  1. Nothing of interest
  2. You see Tirimey watching you - seems to be just flavor text
  3. Something in the sky - you identify it as a griffon. Hints at further development in Fogbough
  4. A small coach stops in front of the abandoned council building - seems to hint to further developments, but could be just flavor text
  5. A giant spider in the tavern:
    • If you flee you gain nothing
    • If you attack it you have to fight Giant Black Spider (9+ at MR ?? Missing, ~75 SP, 4 Combat XP)
  6. Two arguing brothers. Random check (1-100 + Unarmed Combat * 0.25 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 0.50). 75 or more needed to pass. Dodge Skarth's speeding fist with no experience if you pass. < 10 SP damage if you don't pass. Either way Skarth Feddrym challanges you to a fight and you have two options:
    • Accept and fight him - you will fight Unarmed (if you have a weapon equipped it will be automatically unequipped when the battle begins) and the combat is non-lethal. Skarth Feddrym (Subduing fight, 9+ at MR ?? Missing, 45-55 SP). After defeating him you receive 32 general experience and he leaves
    • Refuse to fight him - he leaves and you receive 32 general experience (same as if you fought him)
  7. You get attacked by a Fog Rat. You can:
    • Run away - you gain nothing
    • Fight it - the rat has ~50 Stamina. 1 combat experience for defeating it
  8. A Shade Goblin following you
    1. To catch the goblin:
    2. After you catch him the goblin will give you a Torn Yellowed Paper and a message from Koro-Tul. After that:
      • 4 Divination (30+) experience if used to find out if the goblin is telling the truth (optional)
      • Let him go - he leaves peacefully
      • Kill him - you have to fight Hooded Goblin (9+ at MR ?? Missing, 25-29 SP, 1 XP). Afterwards, you bring his corpse to the town militia
      • Hand him over to the town militia - they let him go after questioning him.
      • Note: The difference - if any - between the three choices is unclear.
    • Note: This encounter is believed to be required to access some of the content in Fogbough Forest

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