These are sections of the game where you can get several different results from your action (exploring). The result of an exploration is usually random from a set of possible outcomes.

Some explorable areas are part of adventures, though most are set travel destinations. If an explorable location is entirely contained within a quest (such as A Blizzard in the Hills) it will be described in the quest page. Otherwise it will have its own page under locations.

New Type AreasEdit

The first area added to the game using the new mechanics was Explore Bentlimb Wood.

  • You have a limited number of explorations. You get new explorations at every reset
  • Each location has a specific maximum number of explorations.
  • Most areas reset every 30 minutes
  • You can check how many explorations you have left and how much time until the next reset on the same screen from which you explore the area.
  • Reset timer starts to count after the first exploration is done.
  • Each area has a specific "base" additional explorations you get every reset.
  • You get bonus explorations at each reset based on some or several of your skill levels.

The heart of each explorable area of this type is the main exploration page. The page is a juncture where you return after each jaunt into the area proper. The page contains:

  • a description of the area
  • an announcement of how many explorations you have remaining
  • a review of the formula used to calculate how many new explorations are granted per reset
  • the time remaining until the next reset
  • the maximum available explorations you can accumulate for the area
  • access to the special locations/noted locations you've found in the area.

Noted Locations Edit

Most explorable areas contain at least one special location you can return to at any time even if you have no explorations available for that area. You will see a message like this the first time you find the location:

You've made special note of this location ("Location") and may return to it in the future whenever you explore "Explorable".

Once the location is noted, you can return to it via a link that says "Return to a previously discovered location..." All noted locations for that explorable will be listed together. Keep in mind that there is no warning when you have still special locations to find, nor when you have found them all.

A Dark Cave Edit

A randomly generated dungeon you can explore. This encounter can be found on any new-style explorable area. See A Dark Cave for details.

Old Style ExplorablesEdit

This mechanic is still used in Tarkhald Crypt and was the mechanic for the Old North Wood before 12th June 2010.

You can explore as many times as you like. The deeper you go, the more probable is to find an enemy or an interesting encounter. You can exit safely from wherever you are, after a Random check (1-100 + Mind * 0.50 + Spirit * 0.50 + Luck * 0.25). 34 is a win. If you fail the roll, you will need to continue to explore (or visit a previously discovered location) 6 times before you can try to exit again.

The levels of deepness and how many explorations you need to pass from one to the next are:

  • Just a little way (initial)
  • Quite a ways (10 explorations)
  • Deep (15 explorations)
  • Very Deep (20 explorations)
  • Dangerously deep (25 explorations). There is no deeper than this

Legacy and Miscellaneous ExplorablesEdit

Memaro's Scouts in the watchtower at Kyul-Thanor, Trithik Random Encounters, Talinus Random Encounters. These areas all have a simple mechanic where the explorer sets forth from a set location and possibly has some sort of encounter before returning to the base location. Most of the actual encounters are similar to those found in other explorable areas, though these older type areas don't offer easy access to special locations.

Explore the realms at random Edit

The heart of old-style Sryth exploration. See Explore the realms at random for details.

Area ListEdit

Explorable LocationsEdit

Explorable AdventuresEdit

Legacy ExplorablesEdit

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