Dropping an item amounts to destroying it (you can't pick it up again). The only exception is that, in a dwelling, you are storing what you drop.

By default, all the items in the game can be dropped. The exception are undroppable and Non-Droppable items.

If an item can't be dropped, often also can't be sold in a shop.

If you thought we were talking about items randomly received after a combat, that's called loot.

Undroppable Edit

Certain items (mostly quest items) are added to your inventory already marked as undroppable.

  • You can't change their status. They can never be stored, sold or dropped.
  • They have no encumbrance

Non-Droppable Edit

From June 2011, you can mark your Droppable Items as "Non-Droppable".

  • While Non-Droppable, they can't be sold, dropped or stored
  • You can change their status to Droppable and back as often as you like.
  • Their encumbrance doesn't change.

It's very useful to mark all your "useful" equipment as Non-Droppable, so you won't accidentally drop or sell any part of it.

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