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Perched on a spot of high, rocky ground, at the edge of the forest, on the northeast shoulder of Barrow Loch, Dragonwrath is a thriving settlement with a particularly storied past.

An ancient silver mine, long the source of the town's enviable prosperity, is famous throughout the realms for its seemingly endless supply of the precious ore.

Despite its favourable reputation, there are those who contend that a seedy and dangerous element is at work in Dragonwrath. Some have suggested that the town's protector, Lyorik Thumbrelk, is at the heart of a well-concealed underbelly.

Locations Edit

By conversing with the locals, you learn that there is much general resentment towards the authoritative Thumbrelks, as well as the heavy-handed Brogmen mercenaries under their employment. You also hear that the wagons transporting silver out of town have been attacked recently by bandits.

Hope Stone Inn Edit

A cheery establishment run by a rotund, grey-haired man named Wenredd. You can buy a meal of scorched rabbit, a mug of palo, or converse with the innkeeper.

Blackgate Mine Edit

An ancient silver mine. Area not yet playable.

Thumbrelk's Mercantile Edit

The only mercantile around Dragonwrath, run by Lyorik Thumbrelk's daughter Ulmyria. She sells armor and weapons of varying quality, ranging from common to unmatched. You can also sell your equipment here - however, she won't buy anything of common quality, and the max amount offered is 425 gold.

Dragonwrath Smithy Edit

Owned by Trygurn and his wife Aleyur, this is where the silver ore from the mines are smelted and made into tools and equipment. However, all equipment is sold to Thumbrelk's Mercantile. You have the option of conversing with either Trygurn or Aleyur.

Forest Lord's Palo Den Edit

Run by Orthredd Thumbrelk (who is currently out of town), the palo den serves as the gathering place for much of the town's populace. You can buy a mug of palo here.

Cinder Hall Edit

The town's meeting house, from which the Thumbrelks oversee the mines and town affairs. You can seek out Lyorik Thumbrelk here to begin a quest (see Deadman's Dark).

Adventures for This Location Edit

 Deadman's Dark Formal Adventure?

Location: Dragonwrath
Description: Your mission to remove the bandit threat that's been plaguing Dragonwrath's silver shipments leads you to the forbidding mouth of Deadman's Dark...
Requirements: Diplomacy 50+ to be able to talk to Lyorik Thumbrelk and unlock this adventure
Difficulty: The hardest fight is scaled at 12+; there's an optional fight scaled at 11+

 The Missing Miners (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Cinder Hall, Dragonwrath
Description: In his private room at the back of Cinder Hall, the elder Thumbrelk tells you that two of his best miners have recently gone missing while exploring a nearby cave -- a task they undertook at his behest.
Requirements: Deadman's Dark
Difficulty: Lower than 3+ at MR 90 or 8-11+ scaled

Note: This quest unlocks Stormshelter Cave.

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