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The Village of Dor-Droat

Dor-Droat is a small village on the southern edge of The Withering Wood in eastern Tysa. The famous mage Tacibrin was born here.

Warning! Runeskin's Minions begins the moment you enter Dor-Droat. Dor-Droat is no longer available after you complete that adventure.

Adventures Edit

 Runeskin's Minions Informal Adventure
Location: Dor-Droat in Withering Wood (Eastern Tysa)
Description: Dor-Droat is in the throes of chaos, and the unmistakable sound of battle reaches your ears...
Requirements: None
Saga: Runeskin
Difficulty: 11+ at MR 79, 9+ at MR 80

Note: Caution! Happens immediately when you enter Dor-Droat.

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