Map Directions
The Ruins of Daggerspire

Almost three miles into the forest east of Graldok you come upon the ruins of Daggerspire. The massive tower must indeed have been a marvel in its day, for even in its crumbling state there remain hints and signs of its former glory. Despite the ravages of time that have played havoc on the tower, there are five levels of the structure left standing, and all appearances seem to indicate that they are relatively sound.

Only available during the quest Daggerspire.

The Kingdom of Tysa
Northwest Tysa

The Stonelands

Northern Tysa


Northeast Tysa


Western Tysa

The Edgelands

Central Tysa

The Middle Kingdom

Eastern Tysa


Southwest Tysa


Southern Tysa

The Thanelands

Southeast Tysa


Saarngard Isle Iron Crown Isle

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