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Copper Hilt Lodge

Hidden in the near-impenetrable heart of an ancient swath of forest that nudges the southeastern edge of Dragonmere Deep, Copper Hilt Lodge, a grim, imposing structure of timber and stone, is among the last remaining of the once numerous guild halls of the Adventurer Collective.

When viewed at a distance, the front of the lodge, the centrepiece of which is the towering set of oaken doors that guard the main hall, almost seems to resemble the broad head and gaping maw of some hideous beast.

Gaining Access Edit

  • You need to join the Adventurers' Collective and speak to Vurii before you can even find this place.
  • Seek out Lodge Master Rogbadden and enquire about joining the Lodge: He tells you that it costs 10 Adventurer Tokens and 10,000 gold, and that you'll get the ATs back after you've made yourself useful.
    • Pay to join the Lodge: He welcomes you, then unexpectedly attacks you and tells you to prove yourself. Rogbadden (Non-lethal fight, 9+ at MR 298 Exact, 300 SP), has a nasty special which can do 61 points of damage, can't FLEE, no powers or items can be used against him. You get 1024 general XP for winning the fight, but you become a member of the Lodge regardless of its outcome.
    • Decide against joining: He says that he wishes that you won't get killed out there and that he thinks you'll fit in, then orders you to leave his sight. You're still free to join whenever you want.

Locations Edit

Seek out Taskmaster Marprill Edit

  • He assigns various tasks from the lodge. You have to pay a collateral at the start of most of them, you get it back when it's completed, along with the reward.
 A Simple Enough Task (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Taskmaster Marprill, Copper Hilt Lodge
Description: You learn that the wagon bears a valuable cargo bound for the remote mining settlement of Stonefall...
Requirements: Being a member of the Adventurers' Collective and having found out about and joined the guild hall Copper Hilt Lodge.
Difficulty: Hardest optional fight is 12+ under the scaled option.

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: This can be played as either Normal or Scaled.
 Breaching the Deep (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Taskmaster Marprill, Copper Hilt Lodge
Description: "The one who did make it back is no longer here," says Marprill. "Well, our Lodge Master believes that it's about time we had another go at it...and he's picked you for the mission...a small, secretive sort of mission. Very small. Very secret..."
Requirements: Quest:A Simple Enough Task
Difficulty: Hardest optional fights are 11+ under the scaled option.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: This can be played as either Normal or Scaled.
 The Third Fang (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Taskmaster Marprill, Copper Hilt Lodge
Description: A sharp hiss erupts out of the darkness ahead, freezing you in mid-step. You draw yourself into a defensive stance just as a sinister silhouette looms into view at the edge of your light.
Requirements: A Simple Enough Task
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 100.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Visit the Trading Post Edit

  • The inventory of weapons and armour here changes dayly, but you can sell your items for 65% of their real value, up to 750 gold.
  • Allow Virelea to examine your items: She's not interested in most of them, but she'll pay Adventurer Tokens for some. Paying her a visit after completing a quest for Taskmaster Marprill may be an excellent idea.
  • Speak with Virelea: You learn a bit about her, just flavour text so far.

Examine a strange painting hanging near the fire Edit

  • The painting depicts a large and dangerous Dhormuk.
    • Ask someone about the painting: You find out that the Dhormuk is the Oakenking, and that Rogbadden has supposedly found his location.

Seek out Lodge Master Rogbadden Edit

  • Converse with Rogbadden: He seems annoyed by your attempt to converse with him.
    • Ask him about the Oakenking: He says he hasn't found his exact location and that certain members of the Lodge will be told about it when he has done so.
      • Ask him if you're among the 'certain' members: He says he doesn't know, your accomplishments don't mean much to him and that what you do for the lodge is what matters.

Examine the copper hilt Edit

  • It's just to the right of the ogre heads and was supposedly a part of a sword wielded by the hero Syr. Nothing to do here at the moment.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 Whisperers (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Copper Hilt Lodge
Description: As his undoubtedly exaggerated tale concludes, Dyrrid suddenly lowers his voice and leans in close across the table. "I've gotten wind of something that might suit you," he says softly. "Now, don't look, but there's an odd pair sitting in the far corner. Don't look! I don't know that they'd appreciate my telling you...though they did ask for you just a little while before you arrived."
Requirements: A Simple Enough Task and the skill of Thievery.
Saga: Night Whisperers
Difficulty: No combats, just random checks.

 Rendezvous at The Tunnel (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Copper Hilt Lodge
Description: While seated alone at a table in the lodge's main hall, you're approached by a slight woman whose face is largely shadowed by the hood of her patched green cloak...
Requirements: Must have completed the assigned task in Whisperers.
Saga: Night Whisperers
Difficulty: Potentially required fight is 9+ at MR 100, an optional one can become 9+ at MR 147.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.

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