This category should contain all Sryth-related images that are not quest maps. To help using a standard naming convention, and since you can't change an image's name after you've uploaded it, please observe the following conventions:

  • Maps associated with quests should be named: Map_QuestName_FreePart. For example, the map for A Little Matter About an Orb is named Map_A_Little_Matter_About_an_Orb. Please use the quest name published in the Quest List. If you were to upload a new map, you can indicate that in the free part, for example Map_A_Little_Matter_About_an_Orb_New
  • Maps associated with quests should be placed on Category:Maps
  • Images related to Sryth that are not maps (few though they are) should be named Misc_FreePart. For example, the Map of Northern Sryth used on World of Sryth is named Misc_Northern_Sryth_with_titles.
  • Images that are related to Sryth but are not maps should be placed on Category:Misc Sryth Images

Both Category:Misc Sryth Images and Category:Maps are subcategories of Category:Images. If you upload images not directly related to Sryth, please place them on Category:Images.

Media in category "Misc Sryth Images"

The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total.

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