This category should contain all game maps.

Conventions Edit

To help using a standard naming convention, and since you can't change an image's name after you've uploaded it, please observe the following conventions:

  • Maps associated with quests should be named: Map_QuestName_FreePart. For example, the map for A Little Matter About an Orb is named Map_A_Little_Matter_About_an_Orb. Please use the quest name published in the Quest List. If you were to upload a new map, you can indicate that in the free part, for example Map_A_Little_Matter_About_an_Orb_New
  • Maps associated with quests should be placed on Category:Maps
  • Images related to Sryth that are not maps (few though they are) should be named Misc_FreePart. For example, the Map of Northern Sryth used on World of Sryth is named Misc_Northern_Sryth_with_titles.
  • Images that are related to Sryth but are not maps should be placed on Category:Misc Sryth Images

Both Category:Misc Sryth Images and Category:Maps are subcategories of Category:Images. If you upload images not directly related to Sryth, please place them on Category:Images.

Mapping tool Edit

You can use our handy Maps spreadsheet, though it is in no way mandatory. Any way you want to create maps it's welcome (as long as it's legible)

Media in category "Maps"

The following 156 files are in this category, out of 156 total.

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