Bryniver's shop is located in Trithik in Western Tysa.

Getting There Edit

Travel to Western Tysa. Enter Trithik and explore the city. When you're prompted, ask to explore the northern part specifically. Bryniver's will be there among the other sights.

He sells the Hale Blade after the The Thane's Tournament of Arms in Trithik.

Also, he offers to buy several specific weapons.

The Hale Blade Edit

 Item 205: Hale Blade (Magical) Value: 19,000 gold Weapon, Slashing 

Encumbrance: 4
Melee Rating: +8
Stamina Points: +4
This longsword, the hilt of which is wrapped in dragonhide, has a blade that seems to glitter in virtually any amount of light. The etchings on the blade roughly translates to 'Hale Blade'. The sword is light, but exceptionally strong. This weapon is undoubtedly magical, though you cannot yet guess the true extent of its capabilities. This weapon is of magical quality.

After you complete The Thane's Tournament of Arms, he will try to buy the Gold Cup Of Zaafyl from you. If you haggle, you'll be able to roll a Random check (1-100 + Diplomacy * 1) and if you pass he will offer 2500 gold for it. If you don't pass it (or refuse his initial offer) he will drop his offer to 1000 gold, and won't budge again. If that happens to you, either reload your game or sell it to Gryphook's for 1950 gold

He will then offer you the Hale Blade for 7500 gold. It is strongly recommended to buy it since it's a very useful weapon, although you don't need to do it right away.

Weapons Of Interest To Bryniver Edit

Bryniver offers better prices for some unique items than other shops, but not always. Be sure to compare prices before unloading your goods. See Item Selling Guide for a list of shops.

A Word Of Caution Edit

(Aimed in particular to new adventurers).

All of the weapons Bryniver is interested in are unique in the game. In fact, Bryniver is the only way to get rid of some of them which for their special value had been made unsellable or undroppable from your inventory (he also ignores if you have the weapon equipped and even if you've marked it undroppable).

If you find he's interested in a weapon that is not listed here, think about it again four or five times before selling any special weapon to him. Check the wiki thoroughly and/or consult some experienced players. You may be sorry if you sell an item with a nice little hidden power like the Black Steel Axe, but you'll want to chop off you fingers if you inadvertently sold him the Sword of Merzekk and at some time in the future it becomes complete.

Having said that, some of the weapons you can sell here are not crucial to the game, don't have (known) further utilities and are not quest items. Sell them to him merrily, just be sure to be able to tell one kind from the other.

You have been warned.

Note1: For most weapons Bryniver is interested in, there are better prices to fetch in other shops. The few ones that are "best deal" if sold here are shown in bold. Please note that you are strongly discouraged to sell most of them anyway, and in any case you can sometimes fetch much better prices for magical items at the Owlnook Tavern

Note2: Values whose column "Bryniver's offer" is marked with '*' are from before the shop system change, and have not been confirmed since 9/10/2009. However, all confirmed values are identical to the previous values, so it's very probable the unconfirmed ones are still correct.

NameOriginBryniver's OfferTrue ValueSell or not?
Enchanted DaggerFrom Baomar's Cabin.350 Gold *1100 goldSell at Graldok instead.
Blalak's BroadswordFrom The Caves of Westwold.413 Gold1250 goldSell at Graldok instead
Blade of the FoxFrom The Seven Knight Statues .1275 Gold4500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Sword of StormsFrom the Murk Adventure.1900 Gold *7000 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Black Steel AxeFrom Stoneback Hill.1275 Gold4500 goldDon't sell it (special unique power) see item page.
Ziridor's Iron FistFrom Stoneback Hill Adventure.1275 Gold4500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Dragonblood HammerFrom Stoneback Hill Adventure.1550 Gold *5500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Axe of BrambleFrom Teek in Trithik.1550 Gold5500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Darkfire BladeFrom The Missing Standing Stone Jewel.1275 Gold4500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Dagger of Waking DreadFrom The Old Cathedral Adventure.1063 Gold * 3750 goldDon't sell it, +NV weapon. If selling, use Gryphook's
Dagger of NightmaresFrom The Old Cathedral Adventure.1400 Gold5000 goldDon't sell it, +NV weapon. If selling, use Gryphook's
Fiery LongswordFrom The Giants Part I.1550 Gold5500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Quickstab DaggerFrom The Giants Part I.3500 Gold14500 goldSell freely
Giantfell BladeFrom The Giants.3500 Gold53500 goldDon't sell, unique anti-giant weapon
Engraved Troll-BontFrom Proving Grounds IV.325 Gold100 goldDon't sell, unique anti-troll weapon
Perynn's Long BladeFrom Phantom Assassin Adventure.2600 Gold9500 goldSell freely
Dravnia's DaggerFrom Phantom Assassin Adventure.1800 Gold6500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Serrated Blade of DespairFrom Phantom Assassin Adventure.2050 Gold7500 goldSell freely
Glittering Long KnifeFrom Phantom Assassin Adventure.3500 Gold14000 goldSell freely
Hale BladeFrom Bryniver.3500 Gold19000 goldDon't sell, very useful combat healing power.
Iron RodFrom The Wounded Horseman adventure.2050 Gold7500 goldSell freely
Longsword (glowing brightly)See Sword of Merzekk.3500 Gold*14000 goldDon't sell, period. Longest-standing loose end in the game
Bloodhilt DaggerFrom Footsteps adventure.1550 Gold 5500 goldSell at Gryphook's instead
Bladed Ebony StaffFrom 7 Goblins Part IV .3500 Gold47000 goldSell freely
Shimmering Silver LongswordFrom Mezaryl in Trithik's Blade Square.3500 Gold109000 goldDon't sell, best free slashing weapon
The Creyn BladeFrom Axepath Cemetery.3500 Gold35500 goldDon't sell it unless you have a better anti-undead weapon
The DemonscourgeFrom Runeskin.3500 Gold43000 goldDon't sell, unique anti-demon weapon. If you insist on selling it, see Thymbrak.
GoblindoomFrom Irzynn's Cottage in Durnsig.3500 Gold22250 goldDon't sell, unique anti-goblin weapon
The Wither BladeFrom Dilemma in Kirnwell Adventure.3500 Gold18000 goldSell freely
Thunder MaceFrom A Haunting in Durnsig.3500 Gold *45500 goldSell freely
Tzal-ToalthFrom The Shattered Skull Part V Adventure.3500 Gold89500 goldDon't sell, potentially best staff in the game.
Wraithking's SceptreFrom Proving Grounds V.3500 Gold47500 goldSee Mezaryl for another possible use, other than that you can freely sell it.
Sword of Heroic SplendourFrom 7 Goblins Part V Adventure.3500 Gold14000 goldSell freely
Dagger of Soul RendingFrom Zirigil's Path300 GoldN/AUnknown future use, but if you hadn't used it in the quest it's probably OK to sell.