Battle Rage is a permanent, unpredictable condition that can send a combatant into a wild rage -- much to the detriment of his or her enemies.

One effect of Battle Rage is that it grants an 'afflicted' adventurer a slightly better chance of rolling a '20' during combat.

There is also a chance that an adventurer who has entered into a Battle Rage will, after first rolling a '20' during combat, continue to roll '20s' during that same combat -- until the rage has subsided. It is not known if there are any side effects to the phenomenon known as 'Battle Rage'.

You get the following text when Battle Rage is triggered:
"You tremble with Uncontrollable Rage as you assail your foe..."

Battle Rage can be obtained from the following Tarlaro's elixirs:

  • Elixir of Uncommon Valour
  • Elixir of Savage Valour
  • Elixir of Heroism

Currently there are no other ways to obtain Battle Rage.

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