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The Town of Ashlyre

Nestled into the thick of the rolling hills between the western shores of Moonlyre Lake and the eastern elbow of Fogbough Forest, the small town of Ashlyre has known a long period of prosperity, despite its close proximity to the legendary cursed wood.

A tall and sturdy wall of pointed ash logs surrounds the settlement, protecting the town's inhabitants from the perils inherent in an existence set in the remote wilds of the kingdom.


Visit the Sagelore TavernEdit

You can speak with the proprietor, Tharjur. Currently, no quests or events open up from speaking with him yet, but he does hint at informing you of any new developments.

Visit the Council BuildingEdit

This building is locked up and abandoned.

Visit the Watchtower...Edit

You can speak with Vorunn, the head of the town's militia. Again, no quests or events are available as of yet.

EXPLORE Ashlyre Edit

 Explore Ashlyre Explorable Area

Route: Your journey takes you from Western Tysa, through Fogbough Forest to Ashlyre
Description: Sitting only a stone's throw from the eastern edge of the cursed forest of Fogbough, there's no telling what you might find in or around the town of Ashlyre...
Base explorations: 20
Max explorations: 30
Reset time: 30 minutes

Map of Ashlyre Edit

Ashlyre is the only town in Tysa for which we have a map, including street names and specific buildings. It comes from the Attack on Ashlyre.

Map Attack on Ashlyre marked
Map Legend
  1. Heavy timber gates
  2. Town Council building
  3. Well-kept stable
  4. Barn filled with timbers
  5. Watchtower
  6. Town well and shops
  7. Militia training yard
  8. Sagelore Tavern
  9. Stone monument of the 3 founders
  10. (quest-related, no longer relevant)
Street Names
  • Southwest “West Path” (location 2)
  • Southeast “East End Lane” (locations 3,4)
  • West Central “Tower Lane” (location 5)
  • East Central “Stonecross Lane” (location 6)
  • Northwest “Dawn Way” (location 7)
  • Northeast “Woodcrest Lane" (location 8)


 The Wayward Wagons Formal Adventure?
Location: Ashlyre
Description: While investigating the disappearance of four supply wagons bound for Ashlyre...
Requirements: Attack on Ashlyre
Saga: March of the Oakaruk
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 65 (unlike other Oakaruk)

Note: See Oakaruk
 The Plague of Ashlyre (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: The town of Ashlyre
Description: Ashlyre is overrun! A vicious host of sinister creatures stalks the streets of fortified town after dark. The frightened and desperate citizens of Ashlyre need a hero right about now...luckily, one of the age's most illustrious adventurers happens to be on hand...
Requirements: Must have completed the Runeskin scenarios, as well as The Wayward Wagons
Saga: March of the Oakaruk
Difficulty: Final Combat is 9+ at MR 130
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

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