April Fools (1st of April) is one of the dates the GM occasionally uses to launch a limited-time event.

2009 Edit

The first time this happened (and was recorded) was during the April Fools 2009 event.

Associated thread on the old forum is {{ #NewWindowLink: | here }}.

2010 Edit

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Forum thread }} and the quest, April Fools 2010

2011 Edit

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Forum thread }}. Also, a certain section of the {{ #NewWindowLink: | General Adventure Chat }}

During April 1st, 2011, adventurers saving their game were subject of a joke, the result of it was a substantial reward:

After that day, and from Sunday 3, the GM enabled adventurers who had missed out the change to get the same reward by visiting the windowless building with a blue door in Hawklor, Trithik or Talinus (after subjecting them to another kind of joke).

This event was very short and had no related adventures.

2012 Edit

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Forum thread }}.

As part of the April 1st, 2012 event the GM issued an announcement that Tallys was closing the Trading Post and as part of the announcement stated "Adventurers Guild members are asked not to try and access Tallys's Trading Post, because it's no longer an available travel option. And looking for it will only lead to frustration."

Going to Tallys of course revealed the announcement to be a prank which resulted in the following reward:

The GM later changed the announcement to indicate it was an April Fools' Event which was available thorough April 2nd, 2012.

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